’17 tapes’ are latest attempt by Republicans to smear Biden

’17 tapes’ are latest attempt by Republicans to smear Biden

Here’s a hot tip for anyone trying to peddle a lie: Add a number. Don’t make it too big, or too vague, like “millions.” If you’re talking about stealing an election, 450,000 might work. Or 33,000. Or maybe 5,000. But really, all those numbers are a little suspiciously neat. To really make this thing work, the number has to be something solid. Something specific.

Like 17. Now there’s a number.

If you’ve seen that number in the news this week, it’s probably been as part of the latest “scandal” that Republicans have whipped up about President Joe Biden. If you haven’t seen it, count yourself lucky, but don’t think it’s going to last. Because Republicans, led by pidgin expert Sen. Chuck Grassley and whistleblower-hating Rep. James Comer, are claiming that there are “17 tapes” that document their claims of a bribery scandal connected to Biden and his son Hunter.

Have they heard these 17 tapes? No. Have they heard maybe 10 of the tapes? No. How many tapes have they heard? Zero. They’ve heard zero tapes. Because the whole thing is just another part of the extended fantasy tale that Rudy Giuliani brought to them years ago. Like the missing whistleblower and the fake “FBI document,” Republicans know this is all a lie. They just don’t care.

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