Immigration raid leaves Chicago bakery 800 workers short and struggling

Immigration raid leaves Chicago bakery 800 workers short and struggling

One thing Donald Trump has been able to accomplish during his time as president is creating a gestapo-like atmosphere of fear surrounding the various immigrant communities across our country. In order to generate a large gestapo force you must show that they are a beast that needs to be fed. This means carrying out relentless raids on businesses and communities. And when your base is filled with people who have been told since time immemorial that their jobs are being stolen by immigrants, you need to make a show for them. Bloomberg reports that Chicago’s Cloverhill Bakery, which makes breads for fast food franchises, says a recent raid by ICE agents ripped away about 800 workers.

About 35 percent of the workers at Cloverhill Bakery had to be replaced, according to Zurich-based Aryzta AG. The company, which makes baked goods for fast-food chains and supermarkets, said the employees were supplied by a job-placement agency that faced federal audits earlier this year.

“It’s proceeding very, very slowly because it’s like having a brand new factory and a brand new workforce,” Chief Executive Officer Kevin Toland said on a call with analysts. “That’s presenting a lot of challenges, as you can imagine.”

Surprisingly, these positions haven’t been instantly filled by white coal workers yearning for those Cloverhill Bakery jobs that was their birthright. Cloverhill Pastry-Vend was originally owned by two brothers, inherited by two of the original owner’s sons, and sold to Aryzta in 2014. CEO Toland says that they use a staffing agency for their hires and could not show documentation for whether or not the 800 workers who were taken by ICE were indeed guilty of working without the right “documentation.” The good news is, the coal workers who aren’t taking those jobs will likely see their hamburger prices rise now that Aryzta wants to recoup some of their operating loses.

The Cloverhill issues led to a 7 percent decline in Aryzta’s sales from North America in the three months through October. The increase in employment costs — which is affecting retailers and restaurants nationwide — will eventually lead to higher consumer prices, Toland said.

Well played, Trump. Your multi-pronged plan to screw over your base is going perfectly.

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