It makes sense for progressives to go after Trump voters, too

It makes sense for progressives to go after Trump voters, too

Many in the Democratic Party and in the progressive movement believe it is foolish to go after the Trump voter. The results of the Virginia election cauterized that notion in the minds of many.

But here is the reality: 65.3 percent of whites, 59.6 percent of African Americans, 49.3 percent of Asians, and 47.6 percent of Latinos voted in 2016. And America is a majority white country, where the systemic nature of voting rules also gives them the potential for higher voting rates. This will be the reality for the foreseeable future.

There is a lot of talk about the browning of America that should drive people of color crazy. Many of these calculations are based on classifying a group of people as Latinos. But Latinos come in various races. By the second generation, a large percentage of them are easily and willfully absorbed into the majority culture. So politicking under the false premise that America is browning to the point of people of color being a majority, thus making our politics more demographically fair, is a pipe dream.

We should all know that race is a social construct. Because America continues to use pigmentation to divide and empower a few using the ignorance of the many, one must navigate politics to mitigate said reality.

Since power in many instances is race-based, gender-based, or some other-based, we will have identity politics for the foreseeable future. The issue is ensuring that identity politics is carried out on a “moral” basis.

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