Run a marathon, or shop on Black Friday? It’s the same amount of stress

Run a marathon, or shop on Black Friday? It’s the same amount of stress

Here’s a good excuse to just say no to the Thanksgiving weekend buying frenzy: holiday shopping can be bad for your health. A study found that “Shoppers in London were fatigued by the 32-minute mark and their heart rates increased 33% during the experiment.”

That’s not anyway to celebrate a holiday. And most of us don’t even think all the stuff we’re out there shopping for and spending money on is worth it. And we’re right.

A 2016 ING study found that 70% of Americans feel that Christmas is too focused on spending, yet we’re expected to spend even more this year.

Economists, such as University of Minnesota professor Joel Waldfogel, say gift giving just isn’t an effective way to part with your money.

“We’re making guesses about what other people need or want or like,” said Waldfogel, author of Scroogenomics: Why You Shouldn’t Buy Presents for the Holidays. “If I go out and spend $50 on you, I may buy something that’s worth nothing to you.”

In fact, Americans waste $9.5 billion, or $71 per person, on unwanted gifts each year, according to a study from

So if you need an excuse to break the cycle, here you go. You’re not being a Scrooge by telling your friends and loved ones that in lieu of something you got in the store you’re giving them the gift of your time and your attention and your love—in the form of your health. 

Unless you like the Black Friday thing. If so, knock yourself out.

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