This week in science: dang it Jim, I’m a flat-earther, not an astronaut!

This week in science: dang it Jim, I’m a flat-earther, not an astronaut!

Is anyone really a flat-earther, or are they all a bunch of good-natured trolls craving attention? That was the thread on Facebook recently (in my feed anyway), with no firm consensus reached. But this week comes news that one flat-earther is into home-made manned rockets, and plans to launch himself in one just high enough to see that the Earth is indeed, flat:

According to the AP, Hughes says he expects his new rocket to hurl him through the skies above the Mojave Desert ghost town of Amboy at up to 500 miles per hour for roughly one mile, attaining a peak altitude of 1,800 feet before it deploys two parachutes. Hughes is a proponent of the Flat Earth theory; the Research Flat Earth group is his main sponsor. Hughes does not “believe in science,” which he told the AP has “no difference” from science fiction.

Either way, we shouldn’t spend too much time harshing on these folks in public view. We have bigger fish to fry. They’re either trolls, in which case feeding them is inadvisable, or they’re serious, in which case they deserve our pity and sympathy. Besides, it’s obvious the Earth isn’t flat. As wiser heads have noted, If it were flat, cats would have pushed everything off the edge long ago.

It turns out the flat-earthers had themselves a conference this month. I would have temporarily renounced my sinful round-earth ways to attend:

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