Here’s the time Trump bragged about ‘first-rate p**sy’ in a golf magazine in 2003

Here’s the time Trump bragged about ‘first-rate p**sy’ in a golf magazine in 2003

Before Donald Trump was the grotesque dumpster fire president of the United States, he was just a grotesque born rich dumpster fire known mostly in the Tri-state area. According to the Daily Beast, Donald Trump did an interview for an equally bankrupt magazine Maximum Golf, in it he had this to say:

In a previously unreported comment to the now-defunct Maximum Golf magazine, Donald Trump singled out a “young socialite” at his club at Mar-a-Lago by telling a reporter, “there is nothing in the world like first-rate pussy.”

The remark never made its way to print, as a top editor of the magazine forbade the reporter from putting it in the publication. But the former journalist who wrote the article, Michael Corcoran, and another editor, both confirmed that it was said by Trump as Corcoran followed him around at his Florida golf club for a profile.

As the AV Club points out, not only did the term “pussy” not make it to print, the editorial decision to replace the word, instead of simply not printing the word, was clearly for Donald Trump’s preservation alone.

What’s telling is that, instead of substituting “[expletive]” the way most publications do when avoiding printing obscenities, Caruso, who’s now EIC at Smithsonian Magazine, replaced “pussy” with the inoffensive “talent.” As some journalists have noted, the move seemed to hinge on preserving Trump’s reputation rather than protecting readers from profanities.

So when Donald Trump tries to pretend he didn’t say he said what he said when he said it, remember this: Donald Trump is a grotesque human being that speaks in a grotesque way about his grotesque feelings and thoughts about other human beings.

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