Paul Ryan believes Roy Moore’s accusers … but has apparently never heard of Donald Trump

Paul Ryan believes Roy Moore’s accusers … but has apparently never heard of Donald Trump

In an interview with NPR, Paul Ryan was still willing to express concern over Roy Moore’s actions.

NPR: You, quite early, called for Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate, to withdraw from the race after a number of accusations were made against him.

Ryan: That’s because I believe those allegations are credible.

Women who have spoken up against Roy Moore are credible. Sexual assault is bad. Moore should withdraw. Ryan seems almost as if he has some morals. But watch as that illusion is shattered in three seconds or less.

NPR: What is the difference between his case and the case of President Trump, who was also accused by a number of women and also denied it?

Ryan: I think the Roy Moore — I don’t know if — I’m focused on Congress. Roy Moore is trying to come to Congress. My job here as Speaker of the House is to help make sure that Congress is an institution that we’re proud of and that’s what I’m focused on. He’s running for Congress and I think the allegations against him were very very credible.

Moore is running for Senate. Ryan won’t work with him and will only rarely see him. On the other hand, Ryan was sitting in Trump’s office this week, along with some empty chairs, acting as a stooge for the guy he refuses to call out.

NPR: Is there a difference between those two cases?

Ryan: I don’t know the answer to that. I haven’t spent my time reviewing the difference in these two cases.

Between dipping a toe into Trump–Russia and going whole hog, three investigations-wide into a look at a deal where not one ounce of uranium left the country, it may seem that the House has plenty of investigations on its hands, but there obviously needs to be one more: Where are Paul’s balls?

Even Paul Ryan knows Roy Moore can’t be allowed to win. Donate $3 to Doug Jones, allowing him to get his message out to every last Alabama voter.

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