The moral high ground

The moral high ground

There was a time in our nation’s history when the Republican Party claimed to hold the moral high ground. They were without sin; they were home of the moral majority, and of the religious right. This has always been a dubious claim. They have never really held any sort of high ground—from Newt Gingrich going over his divorce demands with his then-wife as she recovered from surgery to congressmen having dalliances with pretty much anything that moved, male or female.

None of this stopped any of them from pursuing their goals, or of proclaiming their innocence. Some televangelists who openly support Republican politicians sat it is perfectly okay for men to cheat on their spouses.

Responding to a question from a viewer, Robertson said that married men “have a tendency to wander” and it is the spurned wife’s job to focus on the positive and make sure the home is so enticing, he doesn’t want to stray.

That is, unless you are a Democrat.

Congress should impeach Bill Clinton because resignation is too good for a president who “mocked, demeaned, belittled and lied” to America, Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson said Friday.

“While resignation might be easier for America, it’s not best for America,” Robertson told 3,000 religious activists. Some waved signs that read, “Impeach Clinton.”

In scolding tones, Robertson opened the two-day Christian Coalition conference by accusing Clinton of turning the Oval Office into a “playpen for the sexual freedom of the poster child of the 1960s.” He also called Clinton a “debauched, debased and defamed” leader.

When the current White House resident was caught using sexually suggestive language on tape during the campaign, so-called Christians defended him:

“Let’s face it. A guy does something 11 years ago, there was a conversation in Hollywood where he’s trying to look like he’s macho,” Robertson said on his show… “And 11 years after that, they surface it from The Washington Post to whatever, bring it out within 30 days or so of the election and this is supposed to be the death blow and everybody writes him off, ‘Okay, he’s dead, now you better get to get out of the way and let Mike Pence run the campaign.’”

So it comes as no surprise to me that the Republican reaction to Roy Moore has been one of forgiveness for his pedophilia, while Al Franken is undergoing a Senate ethics investigation.

The Republican Party has never really held the high ground when it comes to morality, even though they have claimed this position for as long as I can remember. I am not saying that the Democratic Party is populated with nothing but angels, but let’s look at a couple incidents over the years— starting with Gary Hart. Heavy press coverage of an affair with Donna Rice, an affair he denied, likely cost him the 1988 presidential nomination.

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