What do you like even though it’s considered bad? And what do you dislike even though it’s beloved?

What do you like even though it’s considered bad? And what do you dislike even though it’s beloved?

Tommy Wiseau’s The Room has been called a “true successor” to the Rocky Horror Picture Show cult film throne. It’s a horribly acted, written, and directed film which has the production values of a late-night soft-core porn film, from a guy who looks like he escaped from the set of a Geico cavemen commercial. Wiseau was an unknown to the film world, had no training or discernible knowledge of how to make a movie, but badly wanted to make a movie. The result was something so bad it became unintentionally great as a hilariously inept movie experience.

Based on the novel of the same name by Wiseau’s best friend Greg Sestero, The Disaster Artist details the earnest effort by two men to make a good movie, but in the end get something which is so bad it’s good. 

In the past, I’ve written pieces that asked what were the worst political gaffes and mistakes. I usually find the horribly run campaigns more fascinating to read about. It’s either a rich asshole with more money than smarts, who decides in an act of public masturbation to get into politics. Or it’s a group of supposedly smart people with millions of dollars in contributions, who fail spectacularly for one reason or another. Usually at the core of every political mistake is someone or a group of someones who came up with a policy proposal, campaign move, statement of reaction, or other cunning plan that wasn’t thought all the way through, and it fails to live up in execution to how it was on paper.

Most bad movies are concocted in a similar manner, except instead of a group of political aides sitting around a table trying to fashion a poll-tested message, it’s a group of producers and film executives sitting around a table trying to create a film around marketing research. But there are many ways to fail and screw up horrendously. There are many different levels of bad, with some films that are just plain bad, some that are godawful bad, and still others that are so bad they become an enjoyable experience.

So which bad film experiences stand out? And why?

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