Nuts & Bolts: A guide to Democratic campaigns—Data Security

Nuts & Bolts: A guide to Democratic campaigns—Data Security

Welcome back, Saturday Campaign D-I-Y’ers! For those who tune in, welcome to the Nuts & Bolts of a Democratic campaign. Each week, we discuss issues that help drive successful campaigns. If you’ve missed prior diaries, please visit our group or follow Nuts & Bolts Guide.

It’s not often that I change track on Nuts & Bolts; I normally plan about 2-3 weeks ahead for our subject matter; this week was scheduled to be a discussion of the expenses related to TV and how we evaluate cost. However, since last Saturday, one topic has dominated a lot of the campaign discussion I’ve been involved in—that being the role of data security. With multiple campaigns reporting frequent attempts to hack their Twitter/Facebook and email, including successful hack attempts of sitting elected in a few states, now may be the time to address the role of data security in all of your activities. 

If you’re running a campaign or advocating for policy in a state house, and you haven’t thought about data security, now is the time to start. 

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