Devin Nunes doubles and triples down, bleating it was Democrats that ‘colluded with the Russians’

Devin Nunes doubles and triples down, bleating it was Democrats that ‘colluded with the Russians’

We are still struggling to understand why, specifially, California-based Rep. Devin Nunes has wagered his entire career and future place in the history books on a collaborative effort with the White House to shut down the investigation of Russia’s espionage and intelligence efforts against the United States during the 2016 presidential elections.

It cannot seemingly be explained as an attempt to get Trump off the hook for, for example, the Trump Tower meeting we now know about between his top campaign staff and/or family and agents who represented themselves as being “part of” the Russian government’s support for Trump’s campaign. There would be no reason for Nunes to insert himself in that, at least not to the extent of himself inviting obstruction of justice charges. But he persists, and persists some more, and doubles down.

Listen to him sputter on the Sean Hannity Screamy-Shouty Hour, spouting things about his latest “memo” that even Glenn Beck’s chalkboard would find too humiliating to put up with. The man isn’t just chewing the scenery, he’s dousing it in an expensive vinaigrette first.

“There’s clear evidence of collusion—that the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign colluded with the Russians,” Nunes said, using his appearance on prime time’s top-rated cable-news show to decry the supposed “crickets from the media” about the biggest political story of the past week.

This is so stupid it would have to walk three blocks through the snow merely to make it to wrong. The Democratic Party (in addition to, lest we forget, a passel of Trump’s fellow Republicans) hired a firm to do opposition research on Trump. The opposition research included the efforts of a well-regarded British ex-spy with the sort of worldwide contacts you would expect a British ex-spy to have; it turned up such a trove of information about shady Trump ties that the researchers felt obliged to contact the FBI about what they had learned, for fear that Trump was, at the least, a potential blackmail target.

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