Inside the Trump White House: ‘Plenty of people in the West Wing hate him right now.’

Inside the Trump White House: ‘Plenty of people in the West Wing hate him right now.’

New York Magazine got hold of some of the emails of Trump deputy press secretary Raj Shah. The headline is that Shah, serving at the RNC during the raucous Republican primary that Trump would soon upend with his mix of halfwit promises and toxic racism, considered Trump a “deplorable” who at least got what was coming to him when Access Hollywood released the tape of Trump bragging about sexual assault.

“I’m kinda enjoying this, some justice. I honestly don’t think it’s the worst thing he’s done but he somehow got passes for the other acts.”

Shah added, “Trump is a deplorable.”

Shah also did a little behind-the-scenes work to sabotage Trump in the primaries, asking an RNC friend to dig up footage of Trump praising Hillary Clinton that quickly ended up in a Jeb Bush ad mocking Trump. Not to worry, says White House designated liar Kellyanne Conway; the White House was aware that Shah previously hated the stubby-fingered manchild’s guts. This was intended to suggest Shah’s current job is safe, but Conway lies about everything, so the truth is probably, well, not that.

But a rather more pointed quote comes from a different email collected by New York featuring a different adviser holding forth on the current state of the White House. Forget Shah, I want to know who this White House denizen is. (All we know is that it’s not Kellyanne Conway. Probably.)

“Holy shit,” a source who advised Trump said, “plenty of people in the West Wing hate him right now. You hear them say things like, I’m serving the country. That’s code for, I hate the fucker.” On the campaign, the former adviser said, “We all thought he was a moron. He’s by no means a stupid guy, but he was such a pain in the ass and stubborn.” Shah declined to comment.

Well it sounds like things in the White House are going just swimmingly. Say what you want about the people surrounding Trump, but it sounds like even they have a good measure of the man.

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