Open thread for night owls: Trump to withdraw nomination of climate skeptic to top environment post

Open thread for night owls: Trump to withdraw nomination of climate skeptic to top environment post

The White House intends to withdraw another nomination as staffing problems continue past the one-year mark of the Trump administration: This time it is Harnett White, nominated to head the Council on Environmental Quality. As has been the case with several of Trump’s other nominees, her fitness for the job was called into question after, among other things, reporters uncovered White’s extremist statements on a far-right radio program.

CNN’s KFile reported Hartnett White, who would have overseen environmental and energy policies across the government, had described the belief in “global warming” as a “kind of paganism” for “secular elites” during a September 2016 interview on “The Right Perspective,” an online conservative radio show.

She has also said the goal of climate activists and the United Nations was an all-powerful, one-world government and “planetary management,” KFile reported.

White had an extensive history campaigning against efforts to curtail carbon emissions; over 300 scientists had previously signed a letter asking the Senate to reject her confirmation.

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“Kimberly-Clark, maker of paper products like Kleenex, Viva paper towels, Cottonelle bathroom tissue and Huggies diapers, announced earlier this month it would use its tax cut windfall to pay the costs of closing 10 factories and dumping as many as 5,500 workers.”

— Rep. Keith Ellison (@keithellison) February 4, 2018


On this date at Daily Kos in 2007—The Wages of Bigotry: 

When they’re trying to get you to vote for that referendum that bans same-sex marriage*, they tell you that it’s all about The Sanctity of Marriage, and Protecting Religious Freedom, and that of course it’s not about Screwing Over Gay People.  It’s not going to disenfranchise anyone, they say—it’s about setting some common-sense limits.

Actions have consequences, though, and the people of Michigan are about to realize that their 2004 vote to prohibit same-sex marriage did, in fact, relegate an entire class of citizens to permanent second-class status. Because the Michigan Court of Appeals held today that the gay marriage ban also bans same-sex domestic partner benefits. […]

So even a quasi-autonomous public entity like the University of Michigan is now prohibited from offering some of its top employees domestic partner benefits. Unmarried opposite-sex partners, of course, can continue to enjoy the benefits. But gay employees and their families are SOL, even if they’ve been receiving family benefits for years. Is that what Michiganders expected when they passed their marriage ban? Who knows. But regardless of what they expected, <>this is what you actually get when you vote for a feel-good “protection of marriage” referendum.  No matter what its purveyors tell you, if you read it closely enough, somewhere buried in the fine print, you’ll find the wages of bigotry.  Today, we’re reminded that they eventually come due.


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