Alex Jones waves a false flag on Uvalde shooting, even as judge clears way for Sandy Hook damages

Alex Jones waves a false flag on Uvalde shooting, even as judge clears way for Sandy Hook damages

If all Alex Jones ever did was rant about gay frogs and weather machines and gay weather machines disrupting all the righteous hurricanes Yahweh sends to places like South Beach, Miami, he’d be (at worst) a noxious sideshow. 

But he’s a vicious man who considered it just and fair to defame and antagonize the parents of murdered elementary school children in Newtown, Connecticut, by claiming the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a staged false-flag attack. Two of the families sued, and in October, Jones was found legally responsible for the false claims he made about the massacre. But then, in a particularly weaselly move, Jones sought to delay a judgment by playing games with our bankruptcy laws.

Well, now he’s is being forced to face the music—even as he continues to play the same absurd, off-key tune.

The Danbury, Connecticut, News-Times:

A federal judge cleared the way for Sandy Hook families to have the defamation lawsuit they won against Alex Jones released from bankruptcy protection and returned to state court, where a trial to determine the damages Jones must pay had been set for August.

After a brief status conference on Tuesday, federal bankruptcy Judge Julie Manning got commitments from both sides to submit an agreement for the families to drop three Jones-controlled entities currently in bankruptcy protection from the defamation lawsuit the families won last year. Once Manning sanctions the agreement, it will allow the families to prepare for trial to determine how much money Jones will pay for calling the worst crime in Connecticut history “staged,” “synthetic,” “manufactured,” “a giant hoax,” and “completely fake with actors.”

It’s nice to see these families step up to sue Jones’ ass—particularly since that ass is where he gets most of his information. It’s also great to see the childish carny games he’s been playing with his companies get slapped down by the long arm of the deep state.

Jones filed for bankruptcy protection for his companies just a week before the trials scheduled to determine damages were set to begin, indefinitely delaying the process. It was a transparent ploy, and Mark Bankston, the lawyer representing the parents, saw through it at the time, calling it a “perverse scheme to defraud the Sandy Hook parents” and a “dishonest plot [that] will have severe consequences for both Mr. Jones and the fawning attorneys who went along with this sham.”

The Sandy Hook families here and in Texas accused Jones of “bad-faith” bankruptcy filings, since the three businesses in question had a combined monthly income of $38,000. Jones himself made at least $76 million in 2019 through his conspiracy-based internet merchandise and broadcast platform, Infowars, his representatives said in court.

Of course, if Jones actually learned any lessons from his legal ordeals, he’s yet to tell his brain, which keeps spewing barmy bons mots of conspiracy. Consider this, from his broadcast just hours after the massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas (and courtesy of Jones’ estranged ex-wife, Kelly Jones):

1/Yes, America, Alex Jones is already insinuating that the murder of #Uvalde elementary school children today is suspect & was caused by some underlying politically opportunistic motive. Alex #SandyHook Jones’s phone lines are open. America, give him a piece of your mind:

— Kelly Jones (@RealKellyJones) May 25, 2022


JONES: “I don’t want to say this was staged … but we have specifically said with two years of our leading mass shootings, that with all the preprogramming that mass shootings are coming and terrorists are going to attack and we got to take the guns, and then I’m like, ‘Well, I would predict a lot of mass shootings right before the election,’ and then like clockwork it’s happening. You know, to me, it’s just very opportunistic what’s happening.”

Oh, you predicted a lot of mass shootings? In America? Over a particular period of time? Well done, Nostradamus! Of course, that’s a little like predicting drunk-and-disorderly Packers fans in October. Tell me which days won’t have mass shootings and I might be impressed. 

And naturally, since Jones is incapable of evolving in any direction other than backward, he went to the false-flag well after Buffalo, too.

From the May 16 Alex Jones Show, via Media Matters for America:

JONES: “It’s going to get a lot worse, folks. I mean, it’s going to get bad, and they’re going to have some more white supremacists go out and do this. You know it’s going to happen, and they’re going to have some crazy brainwashed black people do the same damn thing, and they’re going to sit here and play us all off against each other while they rape everybody and cut our power off and inflate everything and screw us. That’s what pisses me off is the globalists are the enemy, they’re on record, we don’t have baby formula, and they’ve got some crazy person they knew was going to do this and they let him do it again.”

Jones makes millions by flogging conspiracy nonsense day after day. When will he stop? Sadly, only when he faces serious repercussions—like the imposition of hefty cash judgments for spewing dangerous, hurtful lies. 

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