Anti-vaxxers start coughing on Kansas legislators they disagree with, because of course

Anti-vaxxers start coughing on Kansas legislators they disagree with, because of course

Kansas House and Senate Republicans today introduced legislation that demands that the state reject any vaccine mandate, saying that individuals cannot be fired, and if they are fired they are allowed to receive back pay, as well as potential fines that can go to the state of Kansas.

The legislation is a series of mandates on employers telling them they must recognize religious or moral exemptions, but the employer is not allowed to ask if the employee actually has a real religious belief or not. Republican Sen. John Doll asked how far this policy goes:

Senator John Doll asks if one would qualify for a religious exemption if they belonged to a Satanic cult. Senator Masterson says they would. #ksleg

— Kansas Senate Democrats (@kssenatedems) November 22, 2021

Republicans asking about the exemptions from other Republicans? Even they don’t understand what is going on.

People in the gallery started coughing on us when they disagreed. I’m weighing these disturbing actions against the language in HB 2001 regarding the “theistic & non-theistic moral and ethical beliefs as to what is right and wrong.” Coughing on us is wrong. #ksleg

— Jo Ella Hoye (@joellahoye) November 22, 2021

Republicans now face a divide. Several companies, especially those receiving Medicare and Medicaid funding—long-term care facilities, mostly—would struggle. The legislation would fine noncompliant businesses up to $50,000 per day, but losing federal funds for noncompliance might bankrupt them.

This exact problem has led to the Kansas Chamber of Commerce chiming in that the legislation as proposed has problems.

@KansasChamber issued a statement today regarding the #Kansas business community’s continued concerns about #COVID19 related legislation being considered by state lawmakers. #ksleg

— The Kansas Chamber (@KansasChamber) November 22, 2021

If you can’t get your way? Just start coughing on people and yell out. Because that is how we get things done.

Well, as the day goes on, Republicans start debating other conspiracies. You know, let’s talk about JFK’s assassination.

Olson goes off on forced vaccination, breakthrough cases, deaths purportedly caused by the vaccine, the JFK assassination “I don’t believe it was done alone,” and suggests masks now will cause COPD in 20 years. #KSleg

— Jason Tidd (@Jason_Tidd) November 22, 2021

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