‘Because we’re Trump supporters!’: Slur-spewing couple refuses to get off flight

‘Because we’re Trump supporters!’: Slur-spewing couple refuses to get off flight

A middle-aged couple have gotten their 15 minutes of fame after being so obnoxious they were kicked off of a flight shortly after boarding in West Palm Beach, Florida. The flight, which was reportedly headed to Newark, New Jersey, was forced to deplane after an incident between the couple and other passengers boarding the plane. Whether or the couple was inebriated is not known.

The incident escalated as the couple unabashedly refused to get off the plane based on the misunderstanding that their First Amendment rights were being violated. Video of the incident begins around the time that the cabin crew asks the woman and man to get their things and leave the plane. The couple refuse and the police ended up being called. The fact that the couple, who are seemingly snowbirds leaving Florida to head back north after the winter, are avowed Trump supporters might add to one’s enjoyment of their comeuppance, but the real story here is their understanding of what exactly “free speech” is and is not.

A warning: There is general vulgarity and homophobic slurs spewed during the retelling of these freedom warriors’ adventures in ruining everyone’s day.

“You don’t like the words coming out of my mouth,” says the female half of the couple, using her hand as a to pantomime talking—like a hand puppet! She then throws up her hands and says, “Free speech is dead.” The clip jumps to her saying to whomever she thinks is her audience, “Do you guys see what’s happening in America? You didn’t like what he said, and now we’re getting kicked off of a plane.” But,she has a revenge planned at this point in her version of First Amendment protest: “And all of y’all are gonna have to wait.”

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If you don’t realize why “this is fucking outrageous,” this snowbird connects the dots for you: “You guys, we’re gonna turn into China.” You get it? It’s going to be bad. Not white communism bad, Chinese communism bad. That’s like double-bad for a racist. From there she continues the slow realization that she isn’t winning jack shit in this nonexistent case for her special First Amendment right to make everybody, passengers and crew, feel frustrated and miserable about her current state. “Oh I love Elon Musk, he is the best. Elon!” which elicits some giggles from passengers as it is a truly new level of incoherence.

She proceeds to tell everyone that this is really bumming her out by saying that this isn’t bumming her out at all. “You know what, it’s a beautiful day, I am happy to stay one more night. I am suing you, what is your name, sir? I’m suing you, and I’m suing the airline.” At this point her husband, who has continued to wear his sunglasses the entire time, chimes in, “Hey buddy, I guarantee I have more money than you. You’re a fucking jerk-off” I guess the threat there is that he has the money to waste on frivolous litigation? Super free speech!

But to be clear, he proceeds, arms crossed, to repeatedly say mockingly, “Oh, I’m a fa@#$t, I’m a fa^%$t.” The part “free speech” MAGAvates like these don’t seem to get about stuff is that you just cannot sit 2 feet from someone else hurling invective at them and expect others to consider this a “safe” environment. I wonder if this America-loving patriot cursed at all of the TSA agents when they asked him to remove his shoes? They weren’t asking him to do that to look at his toenails, you know.

At a certain point, she films the passengers, trying to menace them. Then, the moment of truth! The husband, probably tired of sitting here knowing this isn’t going to end any other way than them getting off the plane, says, “Let’s go.” But, no. This First Amendment warrior reminds him: “You, me, free speech.” It’s like listening to the great oratory of Trump Jr.

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The video then comes to a point where it seem that the man has gotten his seat belt off, is sort of just talking away about how he’s fine to get off, as there are “F@#$ts” and who knows what other half-concocted thoughts he has running around in his head. His wife seems to want to continue her sit-in for the rights of obnoxious homophobes everywhere, saying, “It’s our anniversary,” and then trying to get her husband’s seat belt back on.

“We’re going to get [kicked] off the plane because we’re Trump supporters!” she shouted. “Seriously, I really think that’s what it is!” It isn’t. If every Trump supporter was kicked off a plane, how would we continue to spread COVID-19?

There’s the rub” Everybody can sit there and take her and her husband’s shitty and obnoxious and bile-filled invective for three hours.

Here’s the same obnoxious couple at the airport in West Palm Beach, FL after being removed from the plane 🤡 pic.twitter.com/dw74lhPYTn

— Fifty Shades of Whey (@davenewworld_2) May 2, 2022

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