Caribbean Matters: Haiti’s unelected new leaders create more chaos

Caribbean Matters: Haiti’s unelected new leaders create more chaos

Haiti’s new unelected governing body, the Transitional Presidential Council, was sworn in on April 25. As Reuters notes, “[t]he transitional government’s mandate runs until February 2026, by when there are slated to be elections, and cannot be renewed. No date has been set for its naming of a new prime minister or council president.”

Most U.S. media news coverage is currently focused on Israel/Palestine, Donald Trump’s first criminal trial, upcoming elections, or sporting events, meaning that the plight of our Caribbean neighbor Haiti takes a back seat once again. This is true even though our government, over the years, has been one of the major players in Haitian politics, interventions, and invasions. This week, let’s take some time to become more aware of the dire situation there, and to do what we can to help and support the Haitian people on the island, as well as the Haitian American community here in the U.S.

According to news reports, the council members are already at odds with each other, and questions are being raised about why the Haitian people will have to wait almost two years for elections.

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