Cuomo blasts federal relief package as ‘terrible’ for New York

Cuomo blasts federal relief package as ‘terrible’ for New York

ALBANY — New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the emergency deal struck between the U.S. Senate and the Trump administration for coronavirus relief “would be really terrible” for his state, even as his fellow New Yorker, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, called the package a negotiating victory.

Cuomo, who has consistently criticized New York’s allotments of federal aid during the pandemic, said during a press briefing on Wednesday that New York would get roughly $3.8 billion from the $2 trillion package, “a drop in the bucket as to need.”

Schumer’s office characterized the deal differently, saying New York would receive more than $40 billion when totaling unemployment insurance, hospitals and transportation funding. That includes $5.8 billion to local governments in the state — about $1.4 billion for New York City and about $500 million to Long Island.

“Like all compromise legislation, this bill is far from perfect — but it now does much more for this state, its people and its future than where we began,” Schumer said in a release.

It’s not entirely clear which portion the governor was criticizing, but Cuomo seemed to be focused on the expected state share of the expenditure relief. He said he told the state’s congressional delegation “this doesn’t do it.”

Cuomo said the state already has spent roughly $1 billion on its response, and will probably spend several billion more by the time the pandemic is over. His budget office predicted on Tuesday that state revenue losses could be as high as $15 billion.

Cuomo said the previous House version of the bill would have given New York about $17 billion, and he is in conversations with representatives in the House about adjustments.

Cuomo, a Democrat, said his objections have nothing to do with fiscal ideologies that might differ with Republican-led Senate.

“We are frugal, we are efficient,” Cuomo said of his spending. “I’m telling you these numbers don’t work, and I told the House members we need their help.”

The House is expected to pass the legislation by the end of the week.

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