Daily Kos mobilizes Arizonans to call Sen. Kyrsten Sinema: “You work for us. Not corporations.”

Daily Kos mobilizes Arizonans to call Sen. Kyrsten Sinema: “You work for us. Not corporations.”

Congress is close to passing the historic and popular Build Back Better Act, but two Senate Democrats are standing in the way: Arizona’s Kyrsten Sinema  and West Virginia’s Joe Manchin. 

Manchin has at least been specific about some of his concerns, and represents a deep-red state where the politics are more difficult. But Sinema has been infuriatingly vague, and represents a state that voted for Joe Biden and is trending blue. She really has no excuse.

Daily Kos took the matter into its own hands, and mobilized our Arizona list to call Sinema’s office to complain: She works for us, not big corporations. We need the Build Back Better Act, corporations must pay their fair share, and Sinema must stop her bad-faith foot-dragging. 

We emailed our most active Arizona members Wednesday afternoon, which spurred over 175 constituent calls. And then we texted our Arizona folks on Thursday morning, a move that generated 400+ calls in the first two hours alone to Sinema’s office.

I run our SMS texting program on the Daily Kos activism team, which means I manage the calendar and check our inbox to handle unsubscribe requests. As you can imagine, the latter often means having to read soul-crushing comments from folks who text rude messages.

But this morning when I checked our SMS inbox, it held a whole bunch of colorful statements by Arizona constituents who had called Sinema—and wanted to add their thoughts.

Anna Maria from Phoenix: DONE! I’m so pissed off! Hopefully she gets it done but if not I will work hard to ensure she WILL NOT be re-elected!  

Rochelle from Phoenix: Done it many, many times to no avail. Insisted she had my name, address. I never understood why she was forced on us in the first place. Always obvious she had all the makings of a true greedy Republican.


Peter from Tucson: Kyrsten, you’re, standing on thin ice with hot blades. Your US senator job is in jeopardy. WIth myself and many other Tucson democrats voted for you as one of two senators. Senator Kelly understands what the people need. But you have been a total disaster. ” GET ON BOARD and SUPPORT BUILD BACK BETTER ACT ” Do your job or lose it!

The Build Back Better Act is historic legislation that would truly fight climate change, cut child poverty in half, expand health care, pay our care workers a living wage, and offer immigrants a path to citizenship. That’s why the House won’t pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill without it.

It would be the most historic legislation since the New Deal or Great Society, expanding our social safety net and helping millions of Americans in need. Some callers reminded Sinema of her own background, and how this is precisely the stuff she should be voting for.

Jean from Surprise: I can’t believe that you who suffered income loss with your family, would join with big money and defeat the democratic legislation to help others.

Quite a few said they would welcome a primary challenger to Sinema in 2024, and asked who that would be. There is already a Draft Ruben Gallego effort underway.

Ray from Solomon: You are young and can be in trouble for a long time by pleasing corporation. Your name will not be forgotten by Democrats

David from Arizona City: Who will the Democratic candidate opposing Sinema be? I would like to contribute to their campaign.

Sinema says the bill is too expensive—even though it’s fully paid for by making the rich and corporations pay their fair share of taxes. And she won’t offer any specifics about what she wants cut.

Meanwhile, corporate lobbyists who want to keep their Trump tax cuts just threw Sinema a big fundraiser, as her bad-faith negotiation is serving their interests. You’d better believe they are paying close attention to the details, and pressuring Sinema to hold firm.

That’s why we need you to call Sen. Sinema if you are an Arizona constituent.

Call her Washington, D.C., office at 202-224-4521, Phoenix office at 602-598-7327, or Tucson office at 520-639-7080. When you reach an aide, please leave this message: 

Hello, my name is [SAY YOUR NAME] calling from zip code [SAY YOUR ZIP CODE] in [SAY YOUR CITY] in Arizona. Senator Sinema works for us, not big corporations. We need the Build Back Better Act, big business must pay its fair share, and Senator Sinema has to stop negotiating in bad faith.

Once you have made a phone call, please click this link. To keep a running tally of how many calls we make, we are counting the number of times this link is clicked. 

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