Daily Kos writer Joan McCarter: McConnell ‘willing to break everything’ to stymie impeachment

Daily Kos writer Joan McCarter: McConnell ‘willing to break everything’ to stymie impeachment

Over the holidays, Daily Kos senior political writer Joan McCarter spoke with Joe Sudbay of the Michelangelo Signorile Show on SiriusXM. The pair discussed the mainstream media’s understanding of Mitch McConnell, Republican partisanship in the impeachment process, Trump’s support for Senator Susan Collins, and John Roberts’ role on the Supreme Court.

Joan touched on how mainstream news coverage and understanding of McConnell has evolved since the impeachment process began:

“The traditional media is catching on to just how bad he has been over the years. And, I think on impeachment, he really blew it by saying flat out, ‘Yeah, I’m coordinating with the White House, and I’m just going to do whatever Trump wants. There’s no question he’s not going to be acquitted, I’ve already made up my mind, Senate Republicans have already made up their minds, so why are we even bothering with this?’ When, you know, you do expect the Senate Majority Leader to take his job slightly seriously and at least pretend that he’s going into what’s essentially a hearing—where he is a juror—without these kinds of biases, impartially, and with the thought of the country at the forefront. So much for that! It really was sort of astounding that he would be just so bald-faced in saying that. And I think finally, finally, that was just a little bit too far for the traditional media, even.”

“People have become completely normalized to [McConnell’s obstructionism] … it’s interesting to me that it took impeachment for people to see just how radical, just how extremist Mitch McConnell can be on these things—how willing he is to break everything,” Joan added.

Joan and Joe also talked about how President Trump’s tweet in support of Senator Collins has further alienated and angered her constituents ahead of her 2020 reelection campaign.

Full audio of the segment after the jump.


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