DJ D-Nice is bringing the party home with #ClubQuarantine

DJ D-Nice is bringing the party home with #ClubQuarantine

Who says you can’t have a dance party while practicing social distancing?

Popular DJ Derrick Jones, professionally known as DJ D-Nice, is bringing the dance party to you by hosting daily streamed events on Instagram Live that he calls “Home School” at #ClubQuaratine. His latest 10-hour DJ set, which streamed on Instagram on Sunday, had more than 160,000 viewers, and included celebrities and politicians.

DJ D-Nice hosted these live parties last week and plans to continue them as long as the country is in social isolation. “I can’t believe that I started the Home School social distancing dance party just four days ago and it’s become a place for us to virtually dance together and stay connected,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “From my kitchen, I’m able to send positive vibrations to each of you. Thank you for rocking with me. Thank you to all of the artists that popped in to show love.”

Attendees of #ClubQuarantine’s virtual party have included popular celebrities Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Mariah Carey, Rihanna, and even Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. D-Nice gave shoutouts to celebrities in attendance, including Michelle Obama. According to CNN, D-Nice served as the DJ for the last musical event hosted by then-President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama at the White House in 2016.

As news of it spreads, #ClubQuarantine is becoming one of the most popular places to be on the internet. “I never would’ve imagined that the best party I would create and DJ would be from the comfort of my own home. Homeschool is a thing! Yesterday was absolutely insane,” D-Nice wrote in a post Saturday. “The amount of artists and friends that virtually partied with me far exceeded my expectations. I’m feeling nothing but gratitude.”

Join the party, practice your moves, and spread some happiness during this difficult time. Practicing social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. As D-Nice said Sunday, “Let’s continue to uplift each other as we get thru [sic] this dark time.”

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