Enter the Daily Kos Elections 2021 prediction contest, sponsored by GreensBabka.com!

Enter the Daily Kos Elections 2021 prediction contest, sponsored by GreensBabka.com!

It’s babka time at Daily Kos Elections! Once again, the exceptional Green’s Bakery is generously sponsoring our annual predication contest, with babka for the winners!

If you want the chance to win the world’s most delicious babka, as well as everlasting fame and glory, click here to submit your answers. To enter, you must have a Daily Kos account in good standing that was created on or before Oct. 28. You will also need to provide your email address so that we can contact you if you win. The deadline for submitting predictions is 6 PM ET Tuesday, Nov. 2—one hour before the first polls close. You may enter as many times as you like, but only your final prediction received before the deadline will count.

Now, on to the competition!

Part 1, six questions. This is a traditional pick ‘em. We’re asking you to select the winners in six contests taking place on Tuesday: Virginia governor; Pennsylvania Supreme Court; Buffalo, NY mayor; Minneapolis, MN Question 2; Nassau County, NY district attorney; and Bucks County, PA district attorney. Each correct answer is worth 1 point. For more information about these races, check out our election night preview.

Part 2, two questions. This year, the entire Virginia House of Delegates is up. We’re asking you to predict how many of the 100 seats in the chamber will elect a Democrat on Tuesday (Democrats currently hold 55 seats). If you guess exactly the right number, you get 6 points. If you’re off by one in either direction, you get 5 points, 4 points if you’re off by two, and so on (no negative points). For more information about these races, please see our chart of key contests.

We’re also asking you to predict what margin Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy will win by over Republican Jack Ciattarelli in New Jersey’s race for governor, excluding write-in votes. Again, if you nail the margin, you get 6 points, with points deducted for missing in either direction in the same manner as the question above.

Tiebreaker. We’re asking you to predict what percentage of the vote each of the three Virginia gubernatorial candidates—Democrat Terry McAuliffe, Republican Glenn Youngkin, and Liberation Party candidate Princess Blanding—will receive, excluding write-in votes. You may enter as many significant figures as you’d like. The smallest total error will break any ties.

Again, click here to submit your responses. Feel free to share your guesses in comments (though only answers submitted via the form will count). Winners will be notified once all election results are final, so there may be a bit of a delay before we can contact you.

We’ll be liveblogging Tuesday’s results at Daily Kos Elections and covering them on Twitter starting at 7 PM ET. Now go and earn that babka—and good luck!

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