Fascist versus free: Comparing red state regimes with blue state control

Fascist versus free: Comparing red state regimes with blue state control

Living in Florida has become more of a nightmare with each passing year. Putting aside the inconvenience of living within a state controlled by fascists hellbent on destroying our rights, our education, and our democracy, there’s also the economic impact. Our state now has the highest inflation, the second-highest rent, energy monopolies, and insurance premiums that have tripled since Gov. Ron DeSantis took office. In other words, very few people are happy with the way things are going here.

We’ve had GOP control for the entirety of the new millennium, but only since the DeSantis era have things gone from bad to worse. We literally have people fleeing our authoritarian state as LGBTQ+ people are now second-class citizens whom doctors are no longer required to treat. The bullying at school isn’t from other students, but parents and Moms for Liberty. Nazis openly march in the streets, and their talking points are now in our educational standards. It’s really bad here.

Yet while Florida focuses on passing laws to hurt marginalized communities and take away our rights and freedoms, another state is saving them. Minnesota has proven to be the anti-Florida: Their citizens demanded Democrats to deliver positive outcomes for them, and they have not disappointed.

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