Fox calls out ‘eye-popping’ gifts to Supreme Court justice. No, not that one

Fox calls out ‘eye-popping’ gifts to Supreme Court justice. No, not that one

Finally! Fox News is calling out a Supreme Court justice who took “eye-popping” gifts from a wealthy benefactor, and it’s well past time the conservative media outlet brought this to light. In addition to making a mockery of good-government best practices and casting a pall of suspicion over the Supreme Court and its decisions, lavish gifts and perks—especially when undisclosed—represent an egregious conflict of interest that erodes Americans’ faith in our judicial system.

So step right up, Clarence Thomas, and take your medicine – – – oh, fuck. They’re talking about Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Yes, it looks like Jackson accepted four concert tickets, valued at $3,700, from pop star Beyoncé, and then disclosed the gift as soon as she was required to do so. (Which, given the recent behavior of some of the conservatives on the court, is sort of “eye-popping” when you think about it.)

Say, if Fox ever gets tired of “Ticketgate,” maybe they can do an exhaustive 12-part series on Justice Elena Kagan’s gifts—one for each bagel she turned down from her old high school friends. Because it’s only fair to treat the extracurricular activities of the liberals and slightly-less-liberals on the bench equally, without fear or favor. 

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