Fox intoxicates its audience with news that Black Olympians celebrated their gold with booze

Fox intoxicates its audience with news that Black Olympians celebrated their gold with booze

For a network that’s been huffing Donald Trump’s underpants nonstop for the past five years, this is pretty rich.

For some reason, Fox News decided it was newsworthy—and perhaps somewhat untoward—for a group of gold medal Olympians to throw back a few bevvies in the wake of their victories. They were “drunk,” according to Fox’s eyeball-grabbing headline. Though on a scale of 1 to Brett Kavanaugh, I can only assume they landed somewhat closer to Mitt Romney than our rascally Irish Cream-Quart justice.

Ah, but these aren’t SCOTUS judges. Or four-martini lunchers. These are premier athletes. And, you know, they’re Black. “Shame” on them.

Kevin Durant, Draymond Green were ‘drunk’ during Team USA celebration

— Fox News (@FoxNews) August 9, 2021

Fox News:

United States men’s basketball players Kevin Durant and Draymond Green were seen celebrating during the team’s bus ride to the airport after the U.S. defeated France and won gold at the Tokyo Olympics this month.

Green posted a series of Instagram videos to social media highlighting the team’s celebration.

Okay, that’s pretty anodyne so far. Not sure why they had to put “drunk” in the headline, much less in quotes. But, you know, Fox does know how to herd its sheep.

According to Fox’s bombshell of a story, Durant and Green were drinking NBA superstar LeBron James’ Lobos Tequila, and they good-naturedly noted that on social media.

In the video, Green tagged James, as well as business partner Maverick Carter. Boston Celtics superstar Jayson Tatum, who also played a key role for Team USA, was heard in the video saying that both Green and Durant were “drunk.”

Oh, my. Black men celebrating their achievements with a drink! Someone fire off a text alert to every white person in Branson, Missouri.

Needless to say, Twitter was ready, willing, and able to address this outrage:

Nobody tell #FoxNews about Rush Limbaugh’s OxyContin problem. Kevin Durant #Olympics stats: 3 gold medals 435 points in 22 games (99 points more than anyone else) 71 3-pointers Draymond Green: 2 gold medals, 3 NBA championships

— Rick G. Rosner (@dumbassgenius) August 9, 2021

Probably should look into your own house before throwing stones at others.

— ✨💙🕊🌿 Debbie in Wisconsin 🌿🕊💙✨ (@Debbie_in_WI) August 9, 2021

It is on Fox.

— Matt Gaetz’s Venmo (@1312pdx) August 9, 2021

So now African American athletes can’t even celebrate after winning an Olympic gold medal without being subjected to scrutiny? @FoxNews what’s the point of this story?

— remmy robertson (@remmy_robertson) August 9, 2021

They’re over 21 & they’re not driving. Why are you reporting this – better yet, why is drunk in quotes? Could it be so your loyal viewers can see these black men drunk so they’ll be irate; or are ya pissed because they were drinking LeBron’s Lobos?

— Stephanie (@sjones2335) August 9, 2021


— O (@AnObliviousGeek) August 9, 2021

Yeah, somehow Fox doesn’t have much to say when Rudy Giuliani shows up on their network looking like an organ grinder’s monkey who just escaped from a bucket of fermented yak urine. But Black athletes celebrating a hard-fought victory? That’s beyond the pale … so to speak.

Of course, this kind of thing is designed to chafe the lily white taints of people who’ve already been inculcated with an irrational fear of Black folks. I’m just glad our men’s basketball team didn’t form a celebratory conga line, because that would have instantly become a scary “caravan.”

Do better, Fox. And if you can’t, maybe just STFU for once, mmmkay?

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