From Carl’s Jr. to a gay club, Oregon workers suffered in the heat, this week in the war on workers

From Carl’s Jr. to a gay club, Oregon workers suffered in the heat, this week in the war on workers

Workers suffered during recent heat waves around the country, and hitting the Pacific Northwest especially hard. We’ve talked about the need for heat protections for farmworkers, but they’re not the only ones.

HuffPost’s Dave Jamieson looks at the heat complaints to Oregon OSHA, finding that restaurant workers were hit particularly hard. According to a complaint from a Carl’s Jr., “The restaurant management is forcing employees to work without air-conditioning in dangerous heat. The temperature in the building is at least 100*F. Employees are covered in sweat, and are showing signs of heat exhaustion.” At a Burger King, “110+ Degrees in the kitchen over the past few days. The AC system is broken and the employer will not fix it. This is when it’s been 101+ outside. Employees are forced to work nonetheless, no matter the heat hazard.”

It wasn’t just farmworkers and restaurant workers, either. The complaints Jamieson reviewed included a carwash, a cannabis dispensary, a canvassing agency that sends people out to fundraise for nonprofits, and dancers at a gay club. Clearly as climate change makes extreme heat a more frequent occurrence, workplace safety regulations and enforcement are going to need to catch up.

● The minimum wage hasn’t gone up in more than a decade, but some employers are raising wages to compete for workers.

● Their spouses died of covid-19 from an unsafe workplace, lawsuit alleges. A new Texas law might block the claim.


Our election is set! We’ll receive our ballots next week so we can vote to win formal recognition of our union with @wgaeast. We’re so proud of what we’ve all built together and grateful for the solidarity and support from across the industry and the labor movement. #1u

— MSNBC Union (@MSNBCunion) July 13, 2021


The two week strike of hundreds of metal trades workers at Arnold Air Force Base in Tullahoma, TN has ended with a 3 year contract

— Jonah Furman (@JonahFurman) July 17, 2021


“Once the additional $600 was removed from UI, I could no longer afford my rent, car payment, and other bills from being only approved for $174 a week.” Unemployed workers and their families need a better system. Congress must #FixUI as a top priority!

— NELP (@NelpNews) July 14, 2021

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