God apparently told Rachel Hamm Trump left office ‘because he’s a good father,’ not because he lost

God apparently told Rachel Hamm Trump left office ‘because he’s a good father,’ not because he lost

If she were running in any other state, I might be tempted to take Republican Rachel Hamm seriously, but she’s running for secretary of state in California. Her goal is to align with other Republicans to fill the top elected positions in states throughout the country so they can avenge their beloved former President Donald Trump by flipping his 2020 defeat into a win. That’s her goal, and like many a Republican before her, Hamm is using God to achieve it.

In a video tweeted on Tuesday by the progressive advocacy nonprofit Right Wing Watch, Hamm urged a seemingly already convinced crowd of what she dubbed divine workings behind Trump’s election defeat. Hamm said at the For God and Country Patriot Double Down conference in Las Vegas last weekend that as she repeatedly prayed, it became “overwhelmingly clear that God was anointing Donald J. Trump to continue being our president.”

“I had no doubt that he was going to continue being our president, so the day after the inauguration I was furious,” Hamm added, “because we’d been stolen from and we knew it.” Some might call it losing an election, but for the purposes of moving this ridiculous sermon of sorts ahead, let’s ignore the alleged and unsubstantiated claim for now. It’s actually not Hamm’s larger point.

Rachel Hamm, who is running for secretary of state in California, says God told her that Trump “sacrificed greatly” by leaving office because he is “a good father” who knows that “sometimes their children do not learn lessons unless they learn it the hard way.” pic.twitter.com/pWwVJKSwoY

— Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) October 26, 2021

She told her audience she was mad at Trump for “not fighting harder … Why did he leave? This doesn’t make sense to me,” she said, recounting her alleged conversation with God. “You told me that you were anointing him to be our president, and he’s a fighter, and he doesn’t quit. This doesn’t make sense.”

Hamm continued: “I’m one of those weird people that believes God speaks back, and he said very, very clearly ‘because he’s a good father.'” She said she asked God how Trump’s parenting was relevant to him leaving office. “And he said because good fathers know that sometimes unfortunately, as much as they do not want to have to do it this way, sometimes their children do not learn lessons unless they learn it the hard way.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you cannot go to everybody’s church. This woman has practically created an entire religion out of losing an election. If she calmed herself enough to actually learn from those hated Democrats—who, let me remind you, had to not only deal with a Republican in office but had to deal with a remarkably unqualified Republican reality star leading the nation for four years— she might learn something about how to recover. 

The words of one Democrat specifically stand out, and they are from former President Barack Obama as he hit the campaign trail over the weekend for Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, who is up for reelection. Obama paused his remarks on the gubernatorial election to comment on this Republican embrace of an alternate reality. 

“I lost a congressional election back in Chicago,” Obama said. “I didn’t know I could just like after I got beat, I could just get up and say, ‘no I didn’t get beat. Nah, nah, nah, nah. The machines were broken.’ What? No. You know what I did was I said, ‘you know what, let me think about how I can be better, so that I can win the next time. That’s what I did.”

Barack Obama: “I lost in a congressional election back in Chicago. I didn’t know I could just like after I got beat. I could just get up and say no I didn’t get beat. No no no, the machines were broken. Wat ?!? Noooo…” pic.twitter.com/le3rQDXaMb

— IT’S TIME FOR JUSTICE (@LiddleSavages) October 24, 2021

God help us all if Trump can manage to put his ego aside and actually learn from his past political mistakes. I’d actually rather he keep shouting he was robbed for the next three years.

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