Happy 20th anniversary, Daily Kos! And the 2022 Koscars go to …

Happy 20th anniversary, Daily Kos! And the 2022 Koscars go to …

A 20-year-old person can’t even drink legally in the U.S., but many a glass will be raised today in honor of the Daily Kos 20th anniversary. Whether you have wine, beer, sparkling water, Ardbeg, or oat milk in your glass, it doesn’t matter: Propose your own toast to 20 years of reading, ranting, laughing, crying, and changing the world together.

We come here for political news and commentary; we come to post pootie pix; we come to expose systemic injustice; we come to support our favorite candidates; we come to extol progressive values; we come to mourn losses and celebrate victories; we come to build community and be strengthened by those virtual friendships to go out and kick butt and take names.

And today we come to see who received the most votes for the 2022 Koscars!

If you voted, thank you! If you didn’t vote because the ballot had so many good choices it was impossible to choose, you are definitely not alone.  If you didn’t vote and wish you had, give a shout-out in the comments anyway. Party music is especially welcome!

Twenty years is a significant length of time. It covers five presidential cycles. This November will be the sixth midterm. We’ve made noise and we’ve made a difference. We’ve done a lot, and there’s a lot more to come. Ain’t no stopping us now! We’re on the move!

A complete list of nominees is here.

Complete Koscar results are below the jump! Top vote-getters are in bold, followed by honorable mentions. (Some result lists are longer than others because of ties.)

Category 1: Outstanding Snark / Satire

You Know, I Don’t Think This Trump Fellow Is Going to Work Out (ShowerCap)

Back in 1982 I was dealing acid at Jim Morrison’s grave and that’s when I first met Vladimir Putin (freewayblogger)

INAPPROPRIATE CAPS: Misleading title 4 exclamation point (HeyThereItsEric)

Dispatch From the War on Christmas (Hunter)

The Chronicles of Mitt: May 10, 2012 (Hunter)

Category 2: Outstanding Call to Activism

Help Me Organize Navajo, Hopi, and Apache Voters to Defeat Trump in Arizona (Jaynie Parrish)

Propane Project: Help the people of the Rosebud and Pine Ridge reservations get through this winter (Meteor Blades)

Reverend Barber suggest Daily Kos team up with Moral Monday Movement and go national (Neeta Lind)

Nuts & Bolts: Inside a Democratic campaign—the best piece of mail this year might come from you (Christopher Reeves)

Thankful for The 1st Amendment: 55’ IMPEACH Banner in Maine, Signs from CA, FL, CO, OR, WA, IA, OH (freewayblogger)

Category 3: Outstanding Downballot Candidate Story

How Did Jon Ossoff Shock the World Tuesday? With a Community Committed to Turning Out Voters (Jon Ossoff for Congress)

TRUE BLUE REPORT: Stacey Abrams – let’s elect a Governor from a family of miracles (TrueBlueMajority)

This incredible ad from a New York progressive candidate is exactly what the Democrats need (Blue Tuesday)

Jon Ossoff takes first in special election, forcing a runoff for a seat the GOP’s held for decades (David Nir)

“Oh, thank Christ!” she said, “A Democrat! Finally!” (SquireForYou)

Category 4: Outstanding Group

Black Kos Community

PWB Peeps

Backyard Science


Good News

Readers and Book Lovers

Top Comments

Category 5: Outstanding Series

Abbreviated Pundit Roundup

Cheers and Jeers

Mark Sumner’s COVID Dispatches

Animal Nuz

Antivaxx Chronicles

Tweets of the Week

Ukraine Updates

Category 6: Outstanding Community Writer

Bill in Portland Maine

Denise Oliver Velez

Aldous J Pennyfarthing








Category 7: Outstanding Commenter

Denise Oliver Velez

Meteor Blades

Angela Marx

Chitown Kev


Frank Pedraza



Category 8: Outstanding Personal Essay / Story

Sorry I’ve Been Gone For So Long: I’ve Been Busy Dying (freewayblogger)

After Seeing Rachel’s Dead Body, I Threw My Yarmulke In The Dirt. Muslim Boy Put It Back On My Head (Tevye)

Thirty years later, the Christmas I spent in a homeless shelter is still the best one I’ve ever had (Jessica Sutherland)

Walking through the train station with my beloved grandfather (TrueBlueMajority)

In Memoriam: Mary Beth Stanley, 1968 – 2016: “Think of Me” (Otteray Scribe)

Dead Man On The Ground. Bullets Flying. Others Running For Safety. He Ran Straight Towards A Madman (Tevye)

Category 9: Outstanding Rant

What’s Really Pissing Me Off (Meteor Blades)

An open letter to the Republican warmongers criticizing Joe Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal (Aldous J Pennyfarthing)

Mainland tourists wilding in Puerto Rico are unwelcome … and dangerous (Denise Oliver Velez)

Fishgrease: DKos Booming School (Fishgrease)

Amy Coney Barrett is the new Supreme Court Justice and I have something to say (TheLittleOne)

Category 10: The Daily Kos Congeniality Award

Bill in Portland Maine


belinda ridgewood


Sara R

side pocket


The Marti

Wee Mama


And if you’ve ever been held down before, I know you’ll refuse to be held down anymore!

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