House GOP holds its first hearing on why Trump’s conviction is unfair

House GOP holds its first hearing on why Trump’s conviction is unfair

The Republican-led House Judiciary Committee held a ridiculous hearing on Thursday aimed at downplaying and re-litigating Donald Trump’s convictions on 34 felony counts. Republicans, once again, found themselves being publicly humiliated by Democratic representatives like Eric Swalwell of California, who deftly exposed the unserious nature of the hearing.

“Just a show of hands for anyone in the room who hung out with the felon today?” Swalwell began, alluding to the closed-door session with Trump earlier that day.

He then turned his attention to former Ambassador to the Czech Republic Norman Eisen, the witness called by Democrats. Eisen is a highly regarded legal mind, lawyer, and was special counsel for ethics and government reform under President Barack Obama. He also attended Trump’s trial in New York. 

Swalwell asked about the location where Trump committed his crimes (New York), where the jury pool was taken from (New York), whether or not the defendant had a say in picking the jury, and what verdict the jury came to. 

“I was there for it. There was a vigorous voir dire. His defense counsel were extremely active and, I thought, effective,” Eisen said. “They decided, 34 times, that Donald Trump falsified documents to cover up his 2016 criminal election interference scheme.”

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