Hunter Biden’s conviction could turn Republicans against each other

Hunter Biden’s conviction could turn Republicans against each other

Unfortunately for Republicans, Hunter Biden’s conviction is not exactly an unmitigated win. 

While congressional Republicans were busy Tuesday taking credit for blowing up the original deal made by a Trump-appointed attorney after an investigation that began at Donald Trump’s urging, Hunter’s conviction doesn’t seem to be any vindication for the GOP after two years of “Biden crime family” accusations.

As CNN reports, even one of the jurors who found Hunter guilty believes that the trial was “a waste of taxpayer dollars,” while another said that he “did not believe Hunter belonged in jail.”

Republicans seem to realize that this verdict isn’t likely to sway indecisive voters, which is why they’re already grasping at claims that Hunter’s conviction was engineered by President Joe Biden. Because, as always, Biden is simultaneously an old man who doesn’t know what he is doing and a wily schemer running rings around the Republicans’ endless investigations.

As silly as GOP posturing looks now, there’s a good chance that it will get worse. Because if Hunter decides to appeal, Republicans could find themselves at war with some of their most reliable allies.

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