Impeachment inquiry reveals pathetic truth about ‘what MAGA is fighting for’

Impeachment inquiry reveals pathetic truth about ‘what MAGA is fighting for’

House Republicans have a sense—a deep intuition—that their political adversary, Democratic President Joe Biden, just might have done something wrong. They are not sure what he did or when he did it, but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced Tuesday his caucus would open a formal impeachment inquiry to get to the bottom of it once and for all.

Think of it as the “all vibes, no evidence” impeachment inquiry—a perfect encapsulation of the MAGA agenda in action.

Naturally, reality-based commentators on the right and left had thoughts. Pro-democracy conservative David Frum summed up McCarthy’s “plan” in a telling tweet:

1) Impeach Biden for his son’s sad life.

2) Shut down the government.

3) Federal abortion ban.

4) Impunity for Trump’s coup, document thefts, commercial frauds, Kushner’s Saudi $2 billion, etc.

5) Find a lobbying job before November 2024.

On the Democratic side, veteran strategist and Hopium Chronicles substacker Simon Rosenberg enumerated “what MAGA is fighting for”:

– The end of American democracy

– Recession, economic ruin, plutocratic tax policy

– Warmer planet, rolling back climate gains

– More guns, more dead kids

– 10 year olds giving birth to their rapist’s babies

– Russian victory in Ukraine

X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, still manages to serve up some occasional gems, despite being gutted by tech bro Elon Musk. These takes on House Republicans’ “all vibes, no evidence” impeachment inquiry certainly qualify.

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