July jobs report exceeds expectations, this week in the war on workers

July jobs report exceeds expectations, this week in the war on workers

Good things were happening with jobs in July:

There is still a big gap in the labor market, but even with some slowing from this pace of job growth, we will be back to pre-COVID health by the end of 2022—a recovery *five times* as fast as the recovery following the Great Recession, thanks to the vaccine and to the ARP. 2/ pic.twitter.com/if03xjeJpf

— Heidi Shierholz (@hshierholz) August 6, 2021

But while that’s good news, Republican state unemployment cut-offs have left 1.6 million people without unemployment benefits, with another 7.5 million set to lose aid that expires on September 6. And no, the unemployment cut-offs have not produced any quick rise in hiring in those states relative to others.

● Strikewave’s C.M. Lewis has a nuanced, thoughtful take on Richard Trumka’s legacy. Harold Meyerson has another.

● Striking mine workers in Alabama held a major rally and, Hamilton Nolan writes, it held the promise of a better South.

I am from the South. I was born in the South, I grew up in the South, and my entire family lives in the South. I have never in my life seen a racially and politically integrated crowd of people in the deep South, utterly united for a cause, as I did at this rally. The only things that come close are church events or football games, which I would argue lack the socially redeeming qualities of yesterday’s event. It is possible, down South, to get a racially integrated crowd where everyone agrees politically, but to get thousands of Black and white people whose politics range from strongly pro-Trump to strongly pro-Black Lives Matter together in a single place, in total unity of purpose, with virtually no conflict, and without being the explicit result of trying to assemble such a crowd to satisfy some sort of demographic diversity goals — well, that just doesn’t happen that much, ever.

This is the promise of unions. Not just better wages, or better working conditions, but a better society.

● Read this whole thread:

As a group, unions have been extremely pro-vaccine. They’ve spent millions of dollars reaching out to millions of members and non-members to persuade them to get vaxxed and make it easier for them to do so, and to combat vaccine misinformation. 2/ https://t.co/98QWcpDNEM

— Noam Scheiber (@noamscheiber) August 4, 2021

● Democratic National Committee staff are unionizing, which is excellent.

● The climate crisis is coming for undocumented farmworkers first, writes Maurizio Guerrero.

● Ugh.

This email has all the buzzwords. “Nuance”! “Fairness”! “Individual Rights”! https://t.co/QMOcJTNCPG

— josie duffy rice (@jduffyrice) August 6, 2021

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