Last call for Koscar nominations: Saving the best for last?

Last call for Koscar nominations: Saving the best for last?

Daily Kos was born on May 26, 2002. That makes 2022 our 20th anniversary year, and just one of the ways we’re celebrating is by bringing back the Koscars! One of the things that makes Daily Kos special is our open platform, where community members can publish stories alongside staff. The Koscars seeks to acknowledge and honor outstanding writing contributions from everyone. The entire Daily Kos membership is “the Academy,” so your votes decide the winners.

Before we can get to voting—a beloved Daily Kos activity, indeed—we need a final list of nominees. For the next few days, we are sending out the last call for nominations in ALL categories. Was there a nomination you intended to make but didn’t get around to in time? Now is your chance!

KOSCAR VOTING BEGINS next Tuesday, may 17

We’ve been accepting nominations for ten weeks now, and requests for nominations in each category closed after eight days. As you might expect, the whirlwind news cycle, the busyness of personal life, and general procrastination meant that every single week someone left a comment regretting that a category closed before they could add their suggestions.

So we are using these final days before voting begins to make sure everyone has a chance to make any nominations that fell through the cracks the first time around.

Was there an Outstanding Rant or Outstanding Personal Essay you thought of after that category was closed? Did you want to make sure your favorite Group was included in the list of nominees? Was there a DK member you meant to nominate for Outstanding Commenter, or Outstanding Community Writer? Who is your nominee for the Daily Kos Congeniality Award? There’s still time to show your appreciation—make those nominations TODAY.

You can make it as easy as possible to include these final nominations by beginning your comment with the category, the exact name of the story or person or Group, and an appropriate link. (If you can’t figure out how to do links, please make your nomination anyway; but if you do know how to link, it is a big help and greatly appreciated!)

Here are some examples of helpful formatting:

For a story, link to the story
Snark/satire     Jeff Lieber   Massive windspill reported in southern California

For a person, link to the personal profile
Community writer     Triciawyse   Triciawyse profile page

For a Group, link to the Group profile
Group     Readers and Book Lovers   Readers and Book Lovers profile page

After that basic information, please add whatever accolades might encourage people to vote for your nominee!  You can nominate as many people as you like in as many categories as you like.  The doors are flung wide open now, to make sure that no one is overlooked or left out.

There’s no need to check and see if a person or story has already been nominated; adding your nomination is a good thing that makes it more likely to see that person or story on the final ballot next week.

recap of Koscars 2022 categories

FINAL NOMINATIONS open until may 16

Stories, groups, and authors that receive multiple mentions have a better chance of making it into the final list of nominees. Nominations will be open until next Monday, May 16.

Finalists in all categories will be presented next Tuesday, May 17, when voting begins.

Two winners in each category will be announced on our 20th anniversary: Thursday, May 26.

Foreign and domestic events being what they are, this project provided a welcome distraction from talk of war, Supreme Court controversy, Jan. 6 revelations, and general anxiety over the upcoming midterm elections. Let’s celebrate the best of who we are, the best of what we have to offer, and the best of what we have done to effect progressive change.

we interrupt this last-call koscar diary for a special dk20a announcement

Cheers and Jeers
Virtual 20th Anniversary Party

via zoom

4:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM CDT / 7:00 PM EDT

to rsvp: click here to send a kosmail to christopher reeves

If you were at the 10th anniversary celebration during Netroots Nation in Providence, RI, then you KNOW kos would be throwing a blowout bash somewhere if it were possible for us to gather in person. COVID may be preventing that epic party, but at least this way we can SEE & HEAR each other for the first time in a long while.  Party games, breakout rooms, and surprise guests will make this a wonderful event.  Be there, or be SQUARE!

to rsvp: click here to send a kosmail to christopher reeves


  • Recommend and comment so this diary will stay visible as long as possible.

  • Make nominations in as many categories as you like. Include links when you can.

  • Vote when the final list of nominees is presented NEXT TUESDAY MAY 17.

  • Congratulate the Koscar winners on our 20TH ANNIVERSARY THURSDAY MAY 26.

In the comment sECTION below, please share your nominations for all categories!

(include links to stories and profiles as you are able)

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