Latest Polls In The Virginia Governor’s Race

Latest Polls In The Virginia Governor’s Race

UPDATED SEP. 21, 2021, AT 10:34 AM

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AllWho’s ahead in the Virginia governor’s race?

An updating average for each candidate, accounting for each poll’s quality, sample size and recency

AUG. 2021SEPT.OCT.NOV.3040506070%SEPT. 21, 2021 LEADERSEPT. 21, 2021 LEADERMcAuliffeMcAuliffe+3.1McAuliffe 47.2%Youngkin 44.1%

Average as of today

  • McAuliffe47.2%
  • Youngkin44.1%


A+BCDAdded today

Governor Va. SEP 17-18, 2021 A-Public Policy Polling* 875 V McAuliffe 45% 42% Youngkin McAuliffe +3







Governor Va. SEP 7-15, 2021 B/CVirginia Commonwealth University 731 LV McAuliffe 43% 34% Youngkin McAuliffe +9

Sept. 17, 2021

Governor Va. SEP 7-13, 2021 A+The Washington Post/George Mason University 728 LV McAuliffe 50% 47% Youngkin McAuliffe +3
Governor Va. SEP 7-13, 2021 A+The Washington Post/George Mason University 907 RV McAuliffe 49% 43% Youngkin McAuliffe +6

Sept. 16, 2021

Governor Va. SEP 13-14, 2021 A-Emerson College 778 LV McAuliffe 51% 48% Youngkin McAuliffe +3

Sept. 9, 2021

Governor Va. AUG 30-SEP 2, 2021 B/CWPA Intelligence* 734 LV McAuliffe 48% 48% Youngkin EVEN
Governor Va. AUG 3-5, 2021 B/CWPA Intelligence* 734 LV McAuliffe 50% More McAuliffe +7
Governor Va. AUG 3-5, 2021 B/CWPA Intelligence* 734 LV McAuliffe 51% 45% Youngkin McAuliffe +6

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