Let’s give Mark Sumner a big round of applause

Let’s give Mark Sumner a big round of applause

On Monday, I compiled and shared a list of pandemic pantry staples, tips, and recipes to get you through the coronavirus crisis. Many community members shared their own tips or recipes, and even their struggles to find the pantry staples. There is some comfort in sharing together during this time, even if we are doing it virtually.

Aside from a sense of community, another theme emerged in the comments and that was gratitude for Mark Sumner, our resident novelist, science guru, and rocket aficionado, for sharing his research and knowledge about the COVID-19 virus as it went from a story buried in scientific or medical journals to front-page news across the world. Mark has been on it from the start and thanks to his prolific writing, many in this community heeded his warnings and started preparing, myself included. And when I say prolific, I mean prolific. Since Jan. 23, Mark Sumner has written more than 70 articles on the topic. All of them are listed and linked at the end of this post.

Beginning sometime in mid- to late-February as Sumner increasingly sounded the alarm, he repeatedly offered advice to the community: “Don’t panic. But do observe, and plan.” I’m sure I’m not the only one who began adding things like Tylenol, tissues, Lysol wipes, and so on to my grocery cart.

So, let’s give Mark Sumner our gratitude and a big virtual round of applause for informing this community and our readers at large, and for encouraging us all to be calm, but prepared.

Thank you, Mark!

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Total coronavirus cases near 35,000 as China’s refusal to accept outside assistance fuels concern
Total deaths from 2019 coronavirus exceed SARS, as stories speak to the ease of transmission
Confirmed cases of coronavirus top 40,000, as China heads back to work, U.K. institutes quarantine
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Coronavirus cases reach 45,000. But it did not come from a weapons lab, and yes, we know that
60,000 cases of COVID-19 as China reclassifies patients—and makes it impossible to find the truth
There are either 65,000 cases of COVID-19 or 47,000. It’s down to WHO you trust and how you count
There are officially 67,000 cases of COVID-19, but is the actual number closer to a million?
World Health Organization says coronavirus could go either way … as cases near 70,000
COVID-19 cases hit 71,000, as vacationing Americans finally come home … to 14 days of quarantine
The Diamond Princess now has more cases of COVID-19 than everywhere else outside China combined
COVID-19 reaches 75,000 cases and 2,000 deaths, but there are hopeful signs around the world
Active cases of COVID-19 drop for the first time … but what’s happening outside China is a concern
COVID-19 cases explode in South Korea and Iran, even as conditions in China slightly improve
COVID-19 continues to skyrocket in South Korea as CDC issues a sobering warning
The window to avoid a global pandemic is ‘narrowing’ as COVID-19 grows in Italy, South Korea, Iran
COVID-19: A world at the ‘tipping point,’ and what it will mean if we fall off the cliff
COVID-19 continues to spread, and so do rumors and conspiracy theories that make everything worse
CDC warns ‘disruption to everyday life may be severe’ as Trump officials dismiss threat of COVID-19
Preparing for COVID-19 as Italy and Iran become new epicenters for a world entering pandemic
COVID-19 is no longer ‘a China thing,’ as more new cases are reported outside the original epicenter
The first time Trump’s team had to deal with COVID-19, it made a critical mistake—with a cost
COVID-19 pandemic is now in 50 countries, and only a third of new cases are in China
Trump calls coronavirus ‘the new hoax’ as he repeats lies about spread within the U.S.
New cases of community-transmitted COVID-19 in California, Oregon, and Washington state
Live: Trump holds additional press conference on COVID-19 as first death in the U.S. is announced
CDC reports potentially significant outbreak of COVID-19 as cases reported coast to coast
Stop thinking of COVID-19 as something that happens somewhere else. Consider it here
The United States is not being transparent or aggressive in dealing with COVID-19
Americans aren’t happy with handling of COVID-19, but it’s not too late to make critical changes
Trump calls Sean Hannity to downplay COVID-19 as ‘corona flu’ and call the death rate ‘fake numbers’
House science committee hears from health experts on coronavirus and dealing with epidemics
As coronavirus numbers increase in U.S., so does the threat generated from the White House
Donald Trump is fiddling as America burns, and coronavirus cases double again
CNBC host Rick Santelli suggests killing millions now, because coronavirus is bad for business
Trump cancels CDC visit over fear of coronavirus, will instead go to Mar-a-Lago for nice, safe golf
Calculating the real scale of the threat as 2019 novel coronavirus pandemic reaches 100,000 cases
Around the world, nations are ‘pulling out the stops’ to protect their citizens … except the U.S.
Trump steaks, Trump Airlines, Trump University, Trump America: Failing to plan is planning to fail
Trump is providing no leadership on coronavirus, so we have to make good decisions for ourselves
There are good-news stories of governments handling coronavirus well. The U.S. isn’t one of them
COVID-19 is not the ‘normal’ flu, not any kind of flu—and it’s exploding across the United States
As coronavirus infections soar past 1,000 cases, Donald Trump tells America, ‘It will go away’
Hearing on coronavirus ends abruptly as White House tells experts to come to ’emergency meeting’
WHO official declares the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak a pandemic
Donald Trump cannot hide a deadly epidemic … but it seems he is going to try
Trump bans all travel between U.S. and Europe, calls for tax cut, in plodding address to the nation
Trump didn’t take action to protect Americans. Now he’s using coronavirus crisis to punish Europe
Donald Trump and John Bolton conspired to destroy America’s defense against the coronavirus pandemic
COVID-19: In Italy 1,000 dead, in Iran mass graves, in America … we simply don’t know
Donald Trump has someone new to blame for the coronavirus response … Joe Biden
Trump still isn’t concerned about coronavirus. He’s concerned about his ratings on coronavirus
If the United States is a week behind Italy … brace yourself for horror that still seems impossible
Trump to deliver second coronavirus address at 3PM ET, expected to declare national emergency
Trump’s Google coronavirus website lie may be the ultimate in simply making sh#t up
Donald Trump is modeling behavior that is going to get thousands of Americans killed
Rushing to ‘Herd immunity’ on coronavirus is an extraordinarily foolish suggestion, with no upside
The United States passes 4,500 cases, and people are beginning to realize what’s coming

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