MAGA secretary of state candidate says she knows Trump won California … because she’s an empath

MAGA secretary of state candidate says she knows Trump won California … because she’s an empath

You know, if we’re just going to go with our hunches about political races and assume they mean something, then I must insist that Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election by a final score of 154 million to, I don’t know, 8. Total votes, that is. Because I simply can’t fathom why anyone not named Trump would ever vote for anyone who is named Trump. It would be like putting up a big, star-spangled yard sign to let your neighbors know you have chlamydia. Only far more embarrassing.

Unfortunately, my visceral hunches are worthless, as evidenced by my warehouse full of unsold Michael Dukakis tank-helmet action figures. Luckily, though, I don’t rely on hunches, astrological charts, chicken entrails, Dick Morris, or any other wildly unreliable yardstick to determine who wins elections. I rely on counted and certified votes. Yes, I know. Quaint.

Rachel Hamm, a “children’s ministries director at a large evangelical church,” is nevertheless attempting to use something akin to witchcraft to ascertain the true winner of California’s 2020 electoral votes. She’s also a candidate for California secretary of state who’s been endorsed both by Pillow Man Mike Lindell and Roger Stone, so you know she’s legit.

On the July 28 edition of Steve Bannon Molts His Larval Alien Husk Before Your Astonished Eyes, Hamm was asked how she knew Donald Trump won California. (Narrator: He didn’t.)

It went a little like this:

HAMM: “Well, I think an audit is the key. That’s why I put a press release out today calling for an official audit to be done in California. I drove up and down the state of California during COVID. My husband was off of work and we had the time to do it, and so we went and saw the state, and guess what I saw, everywhere? Besides the homeless and littering because of liberal policies that have driven the state into the ground. I saw Trump signs. Trump signs even in liberal areas. Trump signs everywhere. And I’m kind of like an empath type, where I kind of feel the vibe of places, if you will, and guess what I felt? I felt an intense energy and force that was going towards Trump from California, and I kept feeling like something has turned, right? There was a poll that was done several years ago and they said that 65% of Californians considered themselves to be moderate-left leaning. That same poll was done eight weeks ago—68% of Californians said they consider themselves moderate-right leaning. There’s been a shift in the state of California, and I want to get to the bottom of what happened in the election, because I believe California is Trump country.”

Hoo-boy, that’s something, huh?

To be fair, I don’t know what poll she’s talking about here. However, I do know that Joe Biden won the state of California by 29.2%—exactly as predicted

But yes, there were Trump signs. Even in liberal areas. That tends to happen when you have the support of roughly 6 million people who really like yard signs. And flags. And boats. But it means fuck-all at the voting booth.

It’s getting weird out there, folks. There seems to be an emerging groundswell of sentiment for pretending Donald Trump won a state that it was all but logically impossible for him to have won. Ten days ago, Pillow Man also declared Donald Trump the true and rightful winner of the Golden State, to raucous applause.  

Mike Lindell believes that when both election fraud and “organic theft” (dead people, illegals, non-residents, minors, multiple ballots) are considered, Donald Trump won the state of California.

— PatriotTakes 🇺🇸 (@patriottakes) July 18, 2021

Sure, why not? Let’s just say he won New York, too. And the Powerball Lottery. And a Nobel Prize in Awesomeness. And a Willy Wonka golden ticket.

If you’re gonna go starkers, you might as well reach for the stars, right?

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