MSNBC host revels in Stormy’s ‘orange turd’ testimony about Trump

MSNBC host revels in Stormy’s ‘orange turd’ testimony about Trump

Donald Trump’s hush money trial has put a lot of words in our mouths that we wouldn’t normally say, and stoic cable news anchors are no exception.

MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” has routinely focused on the sober facts of business fraud and election interference while covering Donald Trump’s ongoing New York criminal trial. On Thursday O’Donnell recapped adult film actor Stormy Daniels’ strong testimony in the case and parsed the Trump legal team’s awful strategy.

O’Donnell praised Daniels for remaining steadfast in the face of hectoring and condescension from Trump lawyer Susan Necheles. He also marveled at Trump’s humiliation as he was forced to sit in a courtroom and endure being repeatedly described as an “orange turd” while his defense attorney attempted to discredit Daniels—and failed. 

We begin at the end, because this time, the end tells you everything you need to know about what came before that in the courtroom today, where Donald Trump was called “the orange turd” repeatedly by Stormy Daniels and by his own lawyer. 

That’s right. That’s how Donald Trump’s day went today. The woman he has paid more money to than any woman he hasn’t married, criminal defense attorney Susan Necheles, repeatedly called her client Donald Trump “the orange turd” on what she thought was an effective cross-examination of Stormy Daniels.

So imagine Donald Trump sitting in that courtroom today, slumped in his chair, leaving his eyes closed for long stretches, being forced to listen with eyes closed or eyes open, to one of his criminal defense lawyers on whom he has lavished money—money provided by his political contributors—listen to her repeatedly call him “the orange turd.” 

And Donald Trump is, of course, the most vain human being who has ever entered that courthouse. But his colossal vanity combined with his even more colossal stupidity leaves us unable to tell what he was experiencing. A normal person couldn’t be more humiliated.

Watch O’Donnell’s comprehensive recap of Daniels’ testimony and how “the orange turd” was first uttered by Trump’s attorney and then repeated ad nauseam during the tortured courtroom exchange.

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