Must watch: Jan. 6 committee airs never-before-seen footage

Must watch: Jan. 6 committee airs never-before-seen footage

The Jan. 6 committee promised never-before-seen footage in its first public hearing Thursday night, and it delivered. In addition to interviews with members of Donald Trump’s inner circle (Hi, Ivanka!), the committee showed a powerful video that included not just footage of the mob breaking into the U.S. Capitol, but stitched together a narrative of the day that shows cause and effect.

The video demonstrates part of how Trump incited the attack, cutting from his rally speech that day to the mob following through on his extremely unsubtle encouragement. It shows a group of Proud Boys marching on the Capitol as he spoke, and the dawning realization on the part of the police of what they were facing. It shows those notorious chants of “Hang Mike Pence,” counterposed against Trump’s ranting against Pence. It shows a stack of Oath Keepers making its way through the crowd into the Capitol.

It’s a must-watch for understanding how the day played out.

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