News Roundup: California recall election nears; Rudy does a Rudy again

News Roundup: California recall election nears; Rudy does a Rudy again

In the news today: The Republican effort to recall California’s Democratic governor because reasons is upon us, with in-person voting on Tuesday. It began as a clown show and seems determined to end as one. Elsewhere, the now-fascist Rudy Giuliani took time away from pushing new anti-democratic conspiracy theories to polish his own tarnished legacy with a 9/11 themed(?) speech that he may or may not have given while completely sloshed. Elsewhere in the country, even red state colleges are issuing the sort of vaccine and mask mandates that Republican governors are still trying to sabotage: It’s one thing to give speeches about your right to spread a deadly disease, and another thing to actually be in charge of one of the places it can easily spread.

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