News Roundup: Deadly bombing in Kabul, but military evacuations will continue

News Roundup: Deadly bombing in Kabul, but military evacuations will continue

Leading the news today: A suicide bombing at a checkpoint outside the Kabul airport has killed at least 60 people, including 13 American military members. Military evacuation efforts will continue. There’s new movement in the push to learn the full extent of the Trump White House’s involvement in a seditious attempt to nullify an American election, and a new lawsuit against Trump from some of the Capitol Police officers who defended lawmakers that day. A federal judge has ruled the pro-Trump legal team spearheading efforts to toss out elections results engaged in a “historic and profound abuse of the judicial process,” handing down disciplinary action and referring each to state disciplinary commissions for potential disbarment.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Pentagon briefing on explosion at Kabul airport. 11 Marines, one Navy medic reported dead

President Biden addresses the nation following bombings at Kabul airport

Biden seeks to soothe nation over U.S. deaths while staying focused on core mission in Afghanistan

House Select Committee sends requests for documents related to Jan. 6, and they want everything

In new lawsuit, Capitol Police officers accuse Trump of sweeping plot to disrupt transfer of power

Federal judge in Michigan disciplines Team Kraken for ‘profound abuse’ of the judicial process

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