News Roundup: Manchin has yet more demands; Supreme Court mulls Texas abortion ban

News Roundup: Manchin has yet more demands; Supreme Court mulls Texas abortion ban

In the news today: Just as Democratic lawmakers seemed on the cusp of an infrastructure agreement, Sen. Joe Manchin held his very own press conference to announce yet another round of new complaints, criticisms, and demands. From the outside, it looked like an effort to sabotage both infrastructure bills—but Manchin may just be addicted to hearing himself talk. (Doing damage to President Joe Biden’s climate plans even as Biden himself addressed a world climate summit might have played a role, as well.)

Elsewhere, even conservatives on the Supreme Court sounded skeptical of Texas’ new plan to restrict constitutional rights by offering bounties to private citizens willing to block those rights themselves, the Biden administration again attempts to end the anti-asylum “Remain in Mexico” policy instituted by Trump’s team of white nationalists, and The Washington Post‘s most comprehensive report on the January 6 insurrection yet again makes it clear that the attempt to nullify a United States election was real, was pushed forward by Trump himself, and that not a damn one of the coup’s top Trump administration and Republican planners has suffered any consequences at all.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Manchin blows up infrastructure week. Again

Three conservative justices seem skeptical of Texas abortion ban in Supreme Court arguments

Biden admin again tries to end Remain in Mexico policy, citing ‘endemic flaws’ and ‘human costs’

The Post uncovers hundreds of red flags leading up to Jan. 6, with warnings falling on deaf ears

DeSantis’ GOP cronies muzzle three Florida professors attempting to testify in voting rights lawsuit

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