News Roundup: New Trump scandals; Supreme Court delusions; a press in ‘crisis’

News Roundup: New Trump scandals; Supreme Court delusions; a press in ‘crisis’

In the news today: More fallout from the Trump administration, this time with revelations that Trump’s Department of Justice sought to expose the identity of a satirist who had earned the ire of Trump ally Rep. Devin Nunes. That administration’s attempts to sabotage immigrant rights also appears worse than we had guessed. Attempts to defend the current hard-right Supreme Court as nonpartisan are looking increasingly “deluded.” This nation’s political press, meanwhile, continues to flounder as history-shaking events get stuffed by editors into cookie-cutter versions of what they want the news to be.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

The DOJ’s war on an imaginary cow is anything but funny

Previous admin’s harassment of immigration attorneys at border was so much worse than we thought

Months after insurrection, America’s political journalists are back in their comfy safe space

We have a Supreme Court problem and a Senate problem, and ‘deluded institutionalists’ make it worse

Bitter about being abandoned by Trump, Proud Boys’ chats reveal preparations for ‘absolute war’

‘He’s a well-known racist’: Judge accused of trying to hit Black Lives Matter protesters with SUV

From the community:

Maricopa Co. Supervisors tell AZ Senate GOP to get bent, won’t attend their OAN ‘political theater’

Maricopa County demands an end to what they see as a Sham audit, a Con and a threat to Democracy

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