News Roundup: Republican filibuster; ‘infrastructure’ still stalled; Texas deaths

News Roundup: Republican filibuster; ‘infrastructure’ still stalled; Texas deaths

In the news today: As of this writing, the Senate had not yet voted on the creation of an independent probe into the January 6 insurrection—a probe that Republicans are promising to filibuster, and one that several of the voting Republican senators would likely be asked to testify in. “Bipartisan” infrastructure plans continue to go nowhere. And the collapse of the Texas electrical grid earlier this year appears to have caused far more deaths than the state’s government originally claimed.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Senate Republicans refuse to take their job seriously, offer another ridiculous infrastructure plan

Capitol Police officers voice their anger as Republicans prepare to filibuster Jan. 6 commission

‘Politics, not economics, is driving decisions’ on unemployment aid, JPMorgan says

The collapse of Texas’ purposely fragile electrical grid was far deadlier than state numbers report

From the community:

CNN finally catches up with the Senator behind the Arizona “#Fraudit”

Thoughts and Prayers for my right wing aunt and uncle (aka COVID is still very real)

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