News Roundup: Roe falls as Supreme Court allows near-total Texas abortion ban to take effect

News Roundup: Roe falls as Supreme Court allows near-total Texas abortion ban to take effect

In the news today: The Supreme Court allowed a Texas law banning abortion after 6 weeks from last menstruation to take effect, effectively gutting protections put in place by Roe v. Wade and blocking nearly all abortions performed within the state. No court explanation was offered. The extremist-backed new law also constructs a “vigilante” system by which Texans can turn in anyone who “abets” an abortion, turning the state into a circus of for-profit claims filed by anti-abortion religious radicals against any Texan offering any support for any abortion.

Why did the Supreme Court decide to let the plainly Roe-violating law go into effect? They’re not saying. And it seems the now hard-right court intends that silence to be the insult to the nation it appears to be.

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