News Roundup: Seditionist Mark Meadows clams up; another inside trading probe of Sen. Richard Burr

News Roundup: Seditionist Mark Meadows clams up; another inside trading probe of Sen. Richard Burr

In the news today: As Democrats continue to negotiate with holdout Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema to support some version of an infrastructure bill that will not send the state of Florida underwater due to rising seas, the House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 insurrection has lost patience with another subpoenaed Trump ally. Former House Republican and Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows is still holding out, and the reasons why aren’t mysterious: Meadows has been directly implicated in multiple of Trump’s plans to browbeat elections officials into “finding” new votes to overturn his loss, in pushing various hoaxes intended to discredit the elections process, and in sending a mob of militia members and other far-right figures to the Capitol in a (successful) attempt to halt the counting of votes that would verify Trump’s loss.

Elsewhere, a new SEC filing raises new legal questions over Republican Sen. Richard Burr’s stock trades (sound familiar?) and The Wall Street Journal is getting dinged for shamelessly publishing a Donald Trump diatribe riddled with known-false propaganda claims—without so much as a note to readers informing them of the numerous lies. It sure makes you wonder what else the paper that claims to have the pulse of Wall Street lies to their readers about. Whatever an important enough person wants them to lie about, apparently?

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

House select committee considers holding Trump chief of staff Meadows in contempt

New SEC filing uncovers call made from Sen. Burr to brother-in-law minutes before stocks dumped

The Wall Street Journal published letter from Trump: No facts, just no facts, and only no facts

Charlottesville neo-Nazi gets legal advice from white supremacists and news from … Tucker Carlson

QAnon streamer convinced Democrats are pedophiles turns out to be registered sex offender

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