News Roundup: Virginia redistricting; Florida undermines education (again)

News Roundup: Virginia redistricting; Florida undermines education (again)

In the news today: It’s redistricting time, when politicians attempt to sabotage elections by crafting districts meant to ensure the people in power stay that way. As “critical race theory” becomes the new rallying cry for conservative racists who insist America’s actual racism is directed mostly towards them, you’ll note that Black parents aren’t being quoted with the same gusto as livid white ones. How mysterious. And Florida continues to be a case study in how to make everything worse for everybody out of, apparently, raw spite.

Here’s some of what you may have missed:

Virginia Supreme Court rejects GOP’s slate of redistricting experts, citing conflicts of interest

Suburban moms of color in Virginia are left out of the critical race theory discussion

In six minutes, Florida’s board of education destroyed opportunities for disabled students

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