Newsmax host freaks out after veteran points out Donald Trump was ‘fairly weak’ on Afghanistan

Newsmax host freaks out after veteran points out Donald Trump was ‘fairly weak’ on Afghanistan

Joe Saboe is a 36-year-old Iraq war veteran. He started Team America by chance. The group has been described as “an impromptu network of veterans and citizen volunteers who came together to execute an ad hoc mission to get American citizens and Afghan allies safely out of Kabul before the American airlift ends.” With around 200 volunteers, Team America is one of many groups trying to coordinate and evacuate Afghan allies. Saboe’s network has been working to get people safely out of Afghanistan now that the Taliban has retaken control of the country.

Saboe has been critical of the withdrawal from Afghanistan in the same way that many veterans have been. The infrastructure and the planning around a withdrawal have been dubious and the results have been predictably messy. Saboe explained to The New York Times that Team America “was born out of desperation,” explaining : “A lot of us knew people who needed to get out, and there was no one in the American government who seemed to be giving any guidance. There has been almost no coordination.” It is clearly this sentiment that got him an interview on former NRA TV looney-toon Grant Stinchfield’s Newsmax show. Unfortunately for Stinchfield, Saboe has been following the war in Afghanistan for a long long time now and wasn’t going to let Stinchfield’s Santa Claus explanation of what has transpired in Afghanistan stand without speaking up.

At the end of the segment, Stinchfield attempted to do the basic job of a right-wing “news” host these days: Frame everything like a Republican talking point. Regardless of what was said during a given segment—whether you are making big bucks like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham or medium bucks like Grant Stinchfield—you give your wildly narrow opinion, state it as a fact, and then cut to a commercial to make some money for your network. That’s the gig. Stinchfield is something of a loose cannon; like many of these right-wing snowflakes, his emotions, frustrations, and thin skin make it difficult for him to keep control over himself from time to time.

Back in May, Stinchfield had to take a break from his show for a week after he chastised “American Jews” for supporting the Biden administration: “If you are Jewish and you are a Democrat and you are living in America today, how do you support an administration that turns its back on your home country?” Because Newsmax is a network created out of the bowels of demon’s garbage fire, Stinchfield’s short vacation replacement was former Fox News scumbag Eric Bolling, the guy Fox parted ways with because he was sexually harassing people by sending them unsolicited pictures of penises. Is this a lateral move or a step down for Bolling?


Stinchyhead was coming to the end of his segment with Saboe and decided to quickly get this bit of misinformation into a segment about trying to get Afghan allies out of Afghanistan: “I can tell you this didn’t happen under President Trump. And I know there’s a lot of people on the left that want to blame President Trump. He wanted out of Afghanistan real bad, he was real frustrated not being able to get out. But he didn’t pull out because he knew this would happen. In fact we all did. I called it on this program. My 12-year-old son knew about it, and so ah, I’ve got Americans there that are stuck, to me that’s a hostage situation, but Joe I appreciate you working to get them out. I really do, and I wish you all the luck in the world.”

Saboe cuts in here to make sure the record is straight on the history of Afghanistan, saying: “With due respect, Grant, I mean veterans—I being one—and our friends that are over there, we followed this closely for multiple administrations and we know that Trump’s administration’s efforts here were fairly weak—“

At this point, Stinchfield said: “Cut him off, please. Cut him off now! Cut him off now. You’re not going to blame this on President Trump on my show!” At this point, Stinchfield’s freakout, unable to be heightened anymore, continued at an 11. “I appreciate the work that you’re going! God bless you for being a veteran, god bless you for trying to get Americans out, but don’t come on this program and take the talking points of the left and blame President Trump! That’s not helping anybody! The Biden administration screwed this up from the very start! You know it! I know it! The country knows it!”

He then goes on a run where he implies that Saboe was arguing with him about the term “hostages,” which he was not. But thought and stuff isn’t Grant Stinchypoo’s strong suit.

Stinchfield ended his outburst by reiterating, “I’m mad about that, man. I really am!” It’s tough facing the truth, buddy.

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Watch Newsmax host cut the feed and scream at a veteran guest for offering a mild critique of Trump

— Jason Campbell (@JasonSCampbell) September 16, 2021

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