Rabidly pro-Trump ‘prophet’ gets pushed out by his own church

Rabidly pro-Trump ‘prophet’ gets pushed out by his own church

When Facebook’s Oversight Board upheld Facebook’s decision to lock Donald Trump out of his Facebook and Instagram accounts, it should have been bad news to the rabidly pro-Trump, charismatic Pentecostal “prophets” who have been insisting that Trump’s return to the White House is nigh. After all, it’s pretty clear that Trump made the board’s decision for it with his obstinate insistence that he had victory stolen from him. The board undoubtedly saw the matter in the same way as federal judges who have denied bail to several sans-culottes who took part in the Jan. 6 horror specifically because of Trump’s obstinacy.

One prophet who is still bowing and praying to the orange god he helped make is Jeff Jansen, founder of Global Fire Church and Global Fire Ministries in Murfreesboro, Tennessee—a suburb of Nashville. If you believe him, Trump is still president because he has the only vote that really counts—that of heaven. He even went as far as to put a precise date on Trump’s return—the end of April.

Well, friends, we’re a week into May, and Joe Biden is still president. But that hasn’t fazed Jansen. On Tuesday, he took to Facebook to claim that his prophecy was still playing out—and Trump’s return to the White House was at hand.

People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch got a clip.

Jansen claimed that “all kinds of amazing things were happening”—including Trump’s return. He added that “everything God has promised” was about to come to pass. Sounds like Jansen is attempting to retcon his prophecy in the same manner that “firefighter prophet” Mark Taylor retconned his original “word from the Lord” that Trump would topple Obama in 2012 into a general declaration that Trump would be president.

But Jansen may have more immediate problems than just false prophecy. It turns out that while he’s been building his profile as a leading Trump-worshiping prophet, his own ministry has been collapsing around him. Longtime religion blogger Hemant “Friendly Atheist” Mehta revealed earlier today that Jansen’s own board pushed him out late last month.

Mehta got his hands on an email sent out to Global Fire’s friends and members announcing that Jansen had been forced to resign for a pattern of “unscriptural and unbiblical behavior” that went uncorrected despite being called on it “numerous times.” The board forced his resignation in late April, and it was announced at service this past Sunday.

Apparently Jansen’s behavior “in the home, on the road, and in the House of God” had gotten to a point that he was no longer qualified to be a pastor. The board was willing to work with him and have him go through “healing and restoration.” However, Jansen has apparently left his wife, Jan, and his family “to pursue his own desires.”

Lest you think that Jansen’s worship of Trump was too much for Jan and the board, Newsweek has since obtained a longer email from Jan, in which she told the Global Fire flock that she didn’t think her now-estranged husband was strong enough to “withstand what was coming at him” because of his unashamed support of Trump and his opposition to “the dark side.” Apparently, Jeff had too many “cracks in his armor,” and never really “humbled himself” to get the healing he needed. Instead, Jan said, Jeff had left her and their children to “pursue his own desires.”

What does this mean, you ask? Well, if I had to hazard a guess, apparently Jansen knew he was taking a real beating from the likes of Right Wing Watch and yours truly. If Jan’s email is to be believed, for all of his public bluster, he was taking out the stress he was under in an inappropriate manner, and left her and his kids in the lurch.

So it looks like at least one of these false prophets has had the rug pulled out from under him. 

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