Republican says he wasn’t involved in fatal crash despite motorcycle stuck to the front of his car

Republican says he wasn’t involved in fatal crash despite motorcycle stuck to the front of his car

I hate to stereotype them all, but Republicans across the country have garnered reputations for their lack of empathy towards humanity. However, one GOP official has allegedly taken it to the next level. A Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate is under investigation in connection with a fatal motor vehicle accident in which he claims he wasn’t involved … although a motorcycle was found stuck to the front of his car. 

According to the Associated Press, Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Charlie Gerow, who announced his candidacy last month, shared Friday that he is cooperating with police in an investigation into an accident during which a motorcyclist was killed. While Gerow claims he had no involvement, he apparently drove several miles with the motorcycle stuck to the front of his car, a witness told Spotlight PA.

The witness, a highway construction worker, was working on the turnpike when he saw that a motorcycle was “sitting upright, with the side stuck into the front of the car.” He said he and his crew watched in disbelief as sparks flew from the car, which was traveling at a high rate of speed.

“It was a big motorcycle, too. There were a bunch of sparks. And it was very loud,” Nicholas Forgette, the witness, told Spotlight PA. As a result of the accident, the highway was closed for several hours.

Forgette also told the outlet that he saw Gerow’s Mercedes pulled over by state police several miles down the road from where he first saw the car pass. He said Gerow was sitting on a guardrail, stone-faced and “kind of disconnected.”

Pennsylvania state police officials have released little to no information about the incident outside of confirming a vehicle belonged to Gerow. The accident occurred Wednesday night, but how the crash happened has not yet been made public.

According to a police news release, the victim—identified a 30-year-old Logan Carl Abbott—died as a result of multiple blunt impacts. Toxicology tests on the victim are pending. 

In a statement to the Associated Press, Gerow said he “looks forward to the State Police completing their investigation and is confident that the investigation will confirm that he was not the cause (of) the accident.” He did not comment on the motorcycle being stuck to his car or why he did not notice it while driving for several miles.

According to the AP, Gerow’s gubernatorial campaign is his first statewide campaign after running unsuccessfully for Congress and the state legislature. Driving for miles without realizing he had a motorcycle attached to his grill is not a good look. 

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