RFK Jr.’s latest icky opinion: Confederate statues are fine

RFK Jr.’s latest icky opinion: Confederate statues are fine

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential candidacy is a stale meme that’s yet to go viral, unlike the more than 100 U.S. children who’ve contracted measles so far this year because some silver spoon loaf-brain told their parents vaccinations were for losers.

But while Kennedy is likely to become president right around the time Donald Trump scrawls a working unified field theory into his mashed potatoes, that doesn’t mean he isn’t still dangerous. One of RFK Jr.’s campaign consultants has already confirmed he’s a likely spoiler for Donald Trump, but he could still leach more votes away from Trump than Biden, despite his progressive-ish pedigree. And hey, we can help make that happen—by showing the world that this longtime “Democrat” turned independent presidential candidate has a lot more in common with Trump than any Democrat.

The latest evidence that Kennedy is more dog-whistling, conspiracy reactionary than True Blue Democrat comes in the form of a podcast interview he did with right-wing something-or-other Tim Pool. His answer on Confederate statues—and the appropriateness of “honoring” a seditious, virulently racist government that barely lasted four years—could have come from any Southern Republican. Or, if you sprinkled in a few non sequiturs about the apocalyptic repercussions of low-flow shower heads, from Trump himself.

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